Miami leads the league

In the signing of ex-Patriots so far this off season. They got three, Van Noy, Karras and Roberts. Why Miami? Ex D coordinator Brian Flores. We only have two, although we have 15 on our team at this point. For me, the difference between who they signed, and in the case of Amendola re-signed, this off season and last year is the money. I don’t feel that we overpaid, last season I don’t think there is any question that we over paid.

The idea that we need all of these players to change the culture with re to the HC and system is pretty weak. When Jim Shorts came in he was able to make a significant change with just one player, KVB. For me the only thing that matters is if they play up to their pay, were they the right choice. Maybe with a healthy Snacks and Hand , Flowers would have had the impact you would expect from a guy making $17 million.

So far, I would grade our off season a C-, average. Now, this isn’t the C that schools give kids who just show up for class, this is a C as in average. Did we improve the team? Just having healthy starters is arguably an improvement on D. But, no one we brought in is going to turn any heads.

It really does leave us without an impact player once again, and that is disappointing.


I have no idea what Quinn is doing either we badly needed true difference makers and I’m seeing vanilla all over, his damn job , maybe he’s pinning his career on the draft but I’m highly skeptical about this offseason as it is at this point. At least grab one damn guy in Free Agency that screams impressive , then go into the draft, but he didn’t so all I can think is Quinn thinks he’s going to ^%$#! NAIL the draft. :wink: