Micah Parsons Character Issues

While the rounds are being made on the boards regarding possible character concerns regarding many prospects, seldom do we hear both sides of an issue, as this has been a hot button topic recently, I would like everyone to be able to see both sides and share their thoughts. Below is a synopsis of the allegations that were investigated which also has a telling comment regarding Mr. Humphries “continued revisions”.

Here’s a character reference from La’Var Arrington that I think is quite poignant.

Parsons is no stranger to unasked for controversy. In a 2016 incident, Parsons was suspended from his high school and consequently transferred. His crime? According to this article, he responded less than favorably (but quite mild-mannered imo) to a Blatantly racist Instagram post from fellow classmates. Following this, he was in the cafeteria where he called out to a teammate on the other side of the room. The principal in attendance accused Parsons of “trying to start a riot.”. As a result of these actions, Parsons was handed a three day suspension.

And then there’s a minor flare of his speaking his opinion on the starting qb position at Ohio State while being heavily recruited by them.

Parsons has, it seems, been extremely heavily scrutinized since at least 2016 as a five star recruit. I think it’s important to consider all sides in any matter, and to understand that despite what we see and hear, 99.999% of the iceberg will never be known to us.



To me the most worrisome thing is Bucky Brooks, who is a Parsons family friend, calling him immature. So then I look at all those reports and I think yeah, those are the actions of a really immature kid. Then I wonder how that kid’s gonna behave when millions of dollars are thrown his way.

It’s important to get difference makers with high picks, but it’s also important to mitigate your odds of drafting a bust as much as possible. It makes Parsons a tricky evaluation. I really loved Rueben Foster’s football talent coming out too, this reminds me a lot of that especially since they play the same position.

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I’m not going to strongly take a side. Kids can mature real fast at that age.
But there sure is a lot of smoke.

I wouldn’t rule him out just because he got in a fight with a teammate. I would do my homework though. Of course he was immature, he was a teenager. Question is whether he is still immature.

This guy is probably not my first pick and face of my new franchise. If it were me. With the risk and the position and sitting out an entire year - not for me.

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I think that is the best takeaway imo.

There’s plenty of cause for concern if you read into it, but then again it can all be overanalysis by people looking a tear down story. You can look at every instance and chalk it up to wrong place, wrong time. You can see a lot of telltale smoke, neither take is definitive.

My biggest concern, should everything else check out, is not a fair one, but needs to be asked. Is this kid going to stick around through the hard times, or is he going to look to jet at the first opportunity? Not fair, but it needs to be asked.

As someone who has been treated as a wanted commodity since high school, who has been courted and showered with praise and flattery, is this kid going to want to stick with one organization, or will he be a mercenary who might possibly sabotage their way out of an organization he wants to leave? Will they ever get a solid answer to that? No, but they will have the opportunity to gage the sincerity of the response, and I think for a top notch evaluator like Holmes, that kind of character connection is something he’s proficient at evaluating.

Maybe he goes on deep slide because of this and the Lions grab him in the 3rd round and MC/DC turns him into a man!

Dan Campbell Yes GIF by Detroit Lions


This .Gif is awesome.


I think threatening to sodomize his teammate “Sandusky” style AS A LEADER OF THE PENN STATE TEAM,

is a little more than a fight w a teammate.


Allegedly. Remember this is one mans statement, one man who pulled a knife on his teammate.

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Like they say, “Never bring a knife to a dick fight.”


He should have been a Spartan, poor Theodotus. :laughing:

I hope they are incredibly detailed in due diligence. I have to admit I agree with Michael Irvin, sometimes taking the less talented guy who is all in, is the best move.

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Does him opting out of the season bother anyone?

It might be just me, but at that time he knew he wasn’t a high risk individual. Thousands around the ncaa played. Some even transferred to play. You see a guy like Waddle come in to the Championship game hurt still, obviously hurt, to play.

A yr off and opting out bugs me. I can’t help but question his desire to play, or quitting on your teammates. Again maybe its probably just me, but I know me, and I know I would have played. Waddle played. I think Stafford or Speilman would have played. It along with the red flags just doesn’t sit right

Honestly anyone who opted out is a bit of a question mark. It’s hard to improve when you’re not playing. Right now I’m just hoping the players who opted out look good at their pro days because that’ll at least tell me they’ve been working out hard the entire year and not sitting on the couch eating doritos. I get a headache thinking about the selection of Mike Williams.

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His opting out doesn’t bother me.

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Like cash pointed out, maybe it’s a little Mike Williams flashback. To me though it’s still feeling like he quit on his team, and makes me question his love of the game. I also wonder how Speilman feels about it, IF he has any input, which I don’t know if he does or not

Also you see it all the time where a guy is touted as a first round pick going into the college season, and then all of a sudden they crap the bed and they go from first round pick to 2nd or 3rd round pick.


Mike would’ve played his Junior year if he was allowed to.

Coach Franklin never instructed Mr. Humphries to avoid contacting authorities. The court has twice rejected Mr. Humphries’ complaints, and despite his continued revisions, previously dismissed the claims against Coach Franklin in their entirety. We believe the claims relating to Coach Franklin have no merit, and we will continue to defend him vigorously

It never seizes to amaze me at the people willing to pass on elite talent bc of shit that happens when kids are teenagers :man_facepalming:t2:


Opting out in the Big Ten is a lot different than opting out in the SEC. SEC maintained that they were going to play ball in the fall, B1G was eyeing a spring season which would have a direct conflict with prepping for the NFL. Made a lot more sense for a B1G player to opt out, and once they took money from an agent, a lot harder to opt back in.