Micah Parsons Takes Top Rookie

My Cowboys fan friend who was pissed about drafting another linebacker called me to tell me I was right. I told him on draft day Parsons was my favorite prospect in the entire draft


He was my 2 behind Slater. Didn’t think we’d get Sewell.


I wonder if Parsons’ play spells the end of Vander Esch in Dallas?

Pick him up then. Or trade. We have trade history with the Cowboys.

I think Vander Esch spells the end of Vander Esch. He’s averaged 9.5 games played the last 2 seasons and he’s got some ongoing health concerns. I can’t see them re-upping him when his rookie deal runs out. They already declined his 5th year option.


I think Parson’s play put the final nail in that coffin and put chains around the coffin for a kicker. He’s good as gone. VE needed a solid season and no injuries to get another contract there.

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Me watching Parsons last Sunday.

Still love me some Sewell though. Not having buyer’s remorse one bit.


Parsons has been great but the shelf life for most linebackers is so short though. He’ll likely be long retired and Sewell will still be playing. I’ll take the pro bowl caliber left tackle that can give me 20 seasons if healthy over the impact linebackers that will really only give you about 5 of elite play.


I LOVED this guy and I would have gone Parsons over anyone BUT Sewell.


I’m with ya.
Sewell is my fav rook (for obvious reasons) - the offensive Suh.

My 2nd fav rook…

13 carries for 64 yards @ 4.9 YPC and one pass for 10 more yards. He’s warming up. The Jack Fox of RBs?


Sewell has been fantastic. He has done so while being the youngest opening day starting LT in league history and getting virtually no preseason reps there. Hard for me to see how that’s not one of the more impressive starts to a career out there but what do I know.


I do t think the hindsight is Sewell or Parsons…. I think it has to be take Sewell and then trade Stafford to the Panthers for #8 and use that on Parsons. Would that be a quicker rebuild than two late first rounders spread over 2 years?

I still like the Rams trade but if Parsons is that good I’ll always wonder


Agreed. We’re only 2 weeks in. Sewell’s got an entire season to mash humans into the earth and prove he’s the best rook in his draft class

How did you guys feel aobut the other rooks?

I like them both… but is that assuming Teddy was included?

I definitely understand that thought regarding the panthers vs Rams trade, and that is a good point. However, in the grand scheme of things and looking at how awful the roster is especially on defense, even having Micah parsons, would that change the outcome of either of these games? I don’t think so, and I like the two future first rd picks instead of having all the capital come this year. Who knows where we’ll land and we have more magic beans for drafting future playmakers.

But I do see where you’re coming from and it would be sweet to see parsons and Barnes as our two starting LBs

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They would need to kick in a 1st rounder next year for us to take Teddy.


But who’s the QB in that scenario? David Blough?


Well, they are using him as a Lamar Jackson decoy this week in practice. :joy:


Oh yeah exactly, lol I forgot about that part. I guess it’s teddy bridgewater right, in the panthers trade scenario?

Yeah, I’m not sold on Goff but I’m also not writing him off either. I think the Lions got the best possible deal they could’ve. Picks for multiple future years as well as a starting caliber nfl qb.