Michael Brockers interview with Aqib Talib

I won’t post the interview to focus on the discussion points I came away with. He said a few things I took note of. Its Talib’s show “Catching Fades” for anyone that is interested.

First is that he put into perspective something we have all noticed. Matt Stafford went from one view of him with the Lions to a completely different view of him with the Rams…and a ton more publicity. Brockers did not say a word about Stafford or even elude to Stafford. What he DID say that stuck with me was talking about his transition from St. Louis to LA. This was a Rams to Rams “trade” for Brockers. He had been in St. Louis for about 4 years so he had a decent handle on what it meant to be a St. Louis Ram. He said it was a night and day difference to become an LA Ram. It just put things into perspective for me that we probably shouldn’t think of it as a Lions vs Rams thing in how Matt is suddenly covered as much as a Detroit to LA thing. And to have a guy who can speak to the Rams being viewed differently vs the Rams kind of hit home for me.

Brockers wasn’t here for Patricia but he’s listened to the comments made by the guys who did. He said the new staff talks to the players like men and answers their questions. The previous staff did not. This jives completely with “The Patriot Way” and what players have said about playing for Patriot coaches. I’m expanding on that thought for a second because Brockers and Talib did. They said they feel the biggest problem with Patriot assistants is they try to be Bill Belichick. Talib said there were things Belichick said to him in New England that he respected because he was Bill Belichick. But if it had happened with a different HC somewhere else it would have been a problem. Cam Newton said something similar in an interview before he resigned with the Pats. He said there were several incidents with assistant coaches where the interaction would have gone alot different somewhere else. But he said he realized where he was and just ate it and moved on. I think Patriot assistant coaches get used to the idea of how they treat players and don’t realize the entire interaction only went down the way it did because of being in New England backed by Bill Belichick. They live in a false reality where they spend years being trained to do something in a way that doesn’t work outside of that bubble.

I’m worried about the wide receivers. Brockers was able to throw alot of fluffy smoke into the air about the current Lions situation but he couldn’t sugar coat a wide receiver question from Talib of “who the hell is Goff going to throw to?” That was the moment to bring up a few names that are looking good or seem promising. He didn’t do it, and maybe he couldn’t do it. The best he could say was something along the lines of “whoever wants to step up will have their chance. The targets are there for whoever wants them.” Ouch.

Talib said he had to research college players as part of his media gigs and he loves Alim McNeill. It echos something that’s making the rounds now and how bad the Eagles GM screwed up being cute trading down to pick up a low value magic bean instead of just taking the player they wanted.


If BP is healthy and truly over the drops he can surprise IMO. Extremely talented. I like Amon-Ra and TWill if healthy is solid. We clearly lack the number 1. Add that and slide everyone down a rung and we’re good.

That’s why I’m hoping we play well enough to recruit Allen Robinson to come home next year.

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Great stuff! The only thing I may contest is that Brockers had barely played with the team at the point of that interview which is several weeks old now.

He probably doesn’t know enough about the WRs to have much of an opinion. If he were asked again after today, he might have more to say.


I hope for the best and I have an unhealthy love for Amon-Ra. But if Brockers were playing with Calvin Johnson he would instantly see it and be able to vocalize it. Kenny Golladay also made an instant impression that first few practices of his first year. So I think we are left where he left it. He loves Goff but its up to each receiver to decide how bad they want to step up and eat.

He praised Goff and said that Goff has been a great leader and has expressed the idea of “I’ve turned around a franchise before and I will do it again” but that also calls attention to the idea that he didn’t single out a receiver or have high praise.

Did I mention Amon-Ra? LOL


You Act like the freakin’ dude is J-Will…or Fox. LOL

Was thinking the same thing Bearly. And yea I’m pretty concerned about our WR’s as well. Just feel like we’re seeing a lot of down time with injuries…other than AmonRa, who seems to be making plays every practice.

I really really liked the interview. Was the most real player interview I’ve seen. Talib has a gift I think and Brockers is a pro for sure.


There are a couple of very grounding energies on our D - Brockers and Flowers. These cats will be great leaders, under this staff, and help our young Wakandan warriors settle into thier roles!

Lol I was watching Black Panther when I read this.

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Badass movie! Also thankful to have them on the team!
Now…if we could get Hulk to play DT :wink:

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I have a nasty feeling that numerous times this season we’re going to be thinking, “We could have drafted (WR here) in the 2nd round but we passed on him for this guy?”

I’ve been screaming about the receiver corps all offseason. Hoping St. Brown can help a ton.

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If we can run the ball on offense and stop the run on defense I’ll be ok with not drafting a wr in the first 3 rounds.

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