Michigan Panthers game

Are getting their butts kicked. Looks like another crappy Michigan team.

And appears to be about 500 people in the stands.

Yep not looking good. Even team mates fighting.

So basically looks like Jeff Fisher coached team?

As far as the 500 fans, then that means 498 fans sneaked in since kickoff.

They showed the graphic that tickets are 10 dollars apiece, and kids get in free. My kid said “I want my money back.”

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Just ugly, no other way to say it. I won’t be watching anymore.

One bad half and you quit watching AND you’re a lions fan??


Truth! :rofl: :rofl:

Let’s go Panthers!

Well the come back is on. Maybe not as bad as the first half looked.

Comeback baby!

Should’ve been a 1st down on the catch.

Yes, they make the Lions look like Super Bowl contenders.

Except, it’s a crappy Alabama team.
Patterson is the closest thing to Michigan about that team.

I really think it is Patterson, the issue. Hated him as my QB at Michigan. He was just brutal, and watching him again has me seeking my therapist all over again.:roll_eyes::wink::joy:

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I’m not a Michigan fan but do see a handful of their games every year, and Patterson was terrible. Didn’t see the game today but glad y’all started a thread. Interested to hear the feedback.

But yeah, Jeff Fischer and Shea Patterson???

Like, how about we get morhinweg and Joey back together?


better play in a domed stadium or else we’ll be taking the wind

Watched part of the game. Both Michigan QBs seemed to have issues holding onto the ball.

That offensive line appears to be offensive. Especially to the QBs health.

I just want some Panthers gear.

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How did herbert to AC look? 2 tds? 3?

Two words:

Oprah Winfrey Concert GIF by CBS

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