Michigan vs Michigan State Game Thread

Might as well.

Go State!



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MS who?

Been waiting for this game and didn’t see a thread yet.

Going to be a good game. Can’t wait!

UM - 41
MSU - 10

Sure, sure, Michigan State receivers, but I don’t see CJ Stroud back there throwing to them. You’re only as good as your QB.

Diggin’ Tennesee’s “Pumpkin” unis.

Man, MSU seemed to have something going there and now they cant even get a play off without a penalty.

And then they shank the punt. LOL

It was a close competition? Ha ha no. Cade won the competition because JJ was injured and they just made an excuse to give it to JJ anyway because everyone knows he’s better.

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How in the hell did they spot that run there for MSU?

Thats some horse shit spot

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Ball never got to the LOS?!?

I know LOL.

The third down spot was terrible.

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That I agree with too.
I watched the play and then put my head down to look at my phone, I just assumed the RB already had the 1st down.

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Wonder if its going to rain flags all game.

They got the third down call wrong. They got the fourth down call right in the review.

Awful officiating so far.

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There has to be at least 6 flags thrown so far

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Sparty grabbing that ball on every carry.

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