The old guy’s been heating up over the last week or so… nice to see. Would love to see him hit a vintage Miggy hot streak like he did over the summer back in 2012. Would love to see him get his 500th HR and hit 3000 in the same season.

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We’d all love to see that bud. Unfortunately I just don’t see it happening. It’s really sad to see miggy struggle to hit over .200

Using averages, he would be at 2975 hits and 501 HR at season’s end.

He will get there just won’t be this year when it comes to 3000 hits, has a chance for the HR’s but think he gets both next season.

Hopefully he can keep it up, 8 homers from 500 and 94 hits from 3000.
From today’s Freep article:

Cabrera’s comfortable approach, as Hinch described, has been displayed in June.

In his first 12 games in June, Cabrera is 15-for-49 (.306) with three doubles, one home run, eight RBIs, one walk and 12 strikeouts. He has logged four of his 11 multi-hit games during this span and hasn’t grounded into a double play.

If Miggy performs like he did in June in July/August/September, he gets there in both hits and HR’s. Too bad he had such an abysmal April/May.

Miggy isn’t in danger of catching Pujols for all time GIDP, but he’s going to move into 3rd past Pudge this year and probably pass
Ripken next year.