Mike Evans

I know Winston has thrown 5 picks, but 3 of them were targeting Mike Evans who looks like he doesn’t care. The last one in the endzone, he didn’t even bother to turn around.
Is there something wrong with Evans?

Yeah, his QB sucks :joy:

I agree. Evans did seem to not give a crap throughout that game

He still a beast.

Super talented. Apathy will cap your ceiling in amy craft though.

Interesting. I didn’t see much of the game so I wasnt aware. If Evan’s isn’t trying, something is definitely wrong. He’s a fiery, competitive guy that brings a short mans mentality to a much bigger body. It would definitely be noteworthy if he’s simply giving up.

The Bucs really need to move on from the Jameis Winston experiment.

Winston definitely needs to get out of Florida. Go somewhere, maybe be a backup for a year or two and then he might be ready for a starter’s job again. He’s only 25 right now, in his 5th year. He has the talent but needs to learn the game better and mature.

You know who does care? Michael Thomas. He is bullying people. He is the best receiver in the game without question IMO.


I thought Jameis was supposed to be the next great QB??

Winston could go to the xfl and still not be a top 15 QB

Considering that offensive line play is suspect in those type leagues, I definitely agree with that. Winston has a really tough time dealing with pressure because he’s an awkward athlete that needs to be “on platform” with his throws. He also has a habit of making really dumb decisions under pressure.

Tried to trade OBJ and #1 for Thomas and Aaron Jones in our dynasty league… Settled for sending #1 and Penny for Aaron Jones and Hockenson (2 separate trades with same guy).

Michael Thomas is “just ok.” I’d rather have a guy that runs fast in his underwear but can’t run routes or catch.

He had the best QB rating under pressure in 2016 in the NFL
In 2017 he was the second highest rated QB under pressure

In the game against the Panthers, he did fine under pressure. He tried to force the ball to Mike Evans in situations where he wasn’t pressured and that was his problem.

So his OL is the problem? They should let hi. Get under pressure?

I think he just makes bad decisions. Makes throws that are very questionable. He has a great arm and relies on that too much.
I have kind of followed him slightly more than most QBs, just because out of college I thought he was going to be really good.
He was the star athlete his whole life. He was drafted by the Texas Rangers out of high school and played on the FSU baseball team. He was allowed to act like a dumbass his whole life without consequences because of his athletic skill. It’s hard to give up on a guy with as much talent as he has, especially at 25, but until he matures he is always going to be an underachiever.
And I’m not a fan of his, either.

Watched some God awful football today. Between TB, LAR, and Dallas I want my afternoon back.

Cool story, changed my life

Winston flakes out, especially in big moments. Not every single time, but far too often… and his mistakes can be very crippling. He’s not a legitimate starter at this level.

Do not draft quarterbacks from Florida State. :wink:

Unless you are an NBA team! (Charlie Ward reference)

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