Mike Mayock out as Raiders GM

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Guilty by association. Wonder what his emails said?

Didn’t both of his 1st round picks get cut?

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“Draft experts” does not a good GM make.

I think I said that right.


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
That’s Millen-level failure.


One Infamous ex-poster went on and on about how smart the Raiders were and how they “got it” because they hired Mayock as the GM

It was a very Millenesque move


So, that sort of underscores my problems with taking ‘experts’ (like Kiper) too seriously.

NFL teams have literally dozens of personnel to evaluate talent.

Kiper does not.

Really, none of them do,

So while mock drafts and player evaluations from non-NFL personnel are certainly fun and help pass the time (and certainly spark conversation), that should be the end in itself.


I’m in awe that he hasn’t changed his hairstyle. Anyone that thinks you can’t get a hairstyle worse than a mullet is WRONG…Cuz Mel Kiper said so!!!

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I think something like 8 of his 23 draft picks were from either Alabama or Clemson. Doesn’t seem like he scouted any other schools lol.

I suspect lazier scouts and coaches use the draft expert boards as their starting point to determine who to take and refine from there. The Mocks are always suspiciously close to where a lot of teams draft that you feel like there was inside information or those teams said “yup we need a LB and Kiper says this is the best one available”

His drafts sucked and Gruden was co- GM in reality.

Clean sweep/clean slate.

The Mayock part I thought was a clown move…the Geuden part I thought was going to work.


So they fire the GM and leave Sciatica in place as HC?

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I thought all the final decisions rested with Gruden and Gruden alone.

I’m not gonna say Mayock was a great GM, but he was no Matt Millen. He actually had a winning record as GM albeit barely. I don’t know who to blame for all those mistakes up top though, I know Gruden had final say, but at least he drafted Maxx Crosby and Josh Jacobs.


Are you calling that ex-poster Millenesque?

Mayock earned my respect when he was the only person to call the Aaron Rodgers drop to Green Bay.

…and I mean, ONLY person. It was like Babe Ruth calling his ‘moon shot’. Since that draft in 2005 I listened to what Mike Mayock had to say.

He didn’t do well in Las Vegas, but he has a place in the booth or on TV.


No…the Raiders ownership :slight_smile:

Yes…but not a NFL franchise front office.

Millen is great in the booth

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Matt Millen was as dominant at sucking as the Bills were at winning last night. Ridiculous gap between him and #2

Wasn’t Mayock one of the ones who said Aaron Curry was the safest player in the draft?

I know he also predicted that Robert Ayers would be the best defensive player from the 2009 draft.

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