Mike McCarthy Routinely Skipped Team Meetings for Massages, yet DENIES IT

Don’t know who to trust on this one. The Packers or a former Packer coach… Still scratching my head… Either way, I find it hard to trust a Packer.


He’s a Krafty one…

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Hopefully there’s a happy ending to this story.


So, are you guys insinuating that he’s somehow related to Robert Kraft?
…Krafty… happy ending…

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I can heartily believe that McCarthy is basically a doofus that lucked into a situation way over his pay grade AND that Aaron Rogers is an Elite Level Asshole Diva Freakshow.

I’m mentally flexible like that.

Both ideas make my heart glow.

Seriously though, 25 years of Favre and Rogers and you have the same # of Super Bowls as Trent Dilfer.

Reminds me there is a 3rd happy side to this story- Ted Thompson was an overconfident pompous, pontificating little Fauntleroy…

Goin Old School with that jibe …


How could he have made a mistake? He was apparently asleep most of the time. :sleeping:

Jokes aside, maybe it explains why he hardly ever signed anybody to help Rodgers.