Mike Valenti on Matt Patricia, Bob Quinn, and the selection of Jeff Okudah

Interesting take…Sounds like Patricia and Bobby Q not on the same page

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Very simple what to do now. Fire Quinn and promote whoever the highest ranking member was who wanted to take Tua. No competent NFL executive takes Okudah at 3. No competent NFL executive even entertains the thought of taking Okudah at 3.

Okudah was a Millenesque selection and it is no surprise that no one else in the organization wanted him :rofl: :joy: Fire Quinn and then trade Okudah if you can get a 2nd for him.


Okudah was a huge mistake. Sucks, I’ll root for the kid unless he is that drama bitch like Valenti is claiming.

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I imagine the Lions brass in Allen Park devoting all their energy today to finding the leakers.

You know, instead of working to get their terrible team better.

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This is the kind of crap that happens when you are a terrible team. I like okudah but no way he comes in and makes a difference on this defense. Should have traded up for young.

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This story came out at draft time. I actually posted this in a thread a week or so ago.

Rumor was that they were very much divided and MP wanted Brown. BQ pulled rank.

Enjoy the read! It’s the equivalent of pouring habenero sauce in your eyes while drinking a glass of vinegar.

Also, interesting take by Mike Valenti! How did this thread have only 6 posts?

I wonder how much truth there was to Valenti’s statement? No one in the personnel department wanted Jeff Okudah? Crazy to think about how far apart Quinn and Patricia were when making critical franchise decisions.

Brad Holmes is the complete opposite. Dan and the scouts play a huge factor in Brad’s decision making when acquiring players.

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Recurring bad thoughts must stop! :crazy_face::upside_down_face::+1::pray::heart:

This pic always makes me want to fight someone.


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I’m with you there. The next closest thing that triggers a visceral response similar to that pic of BQ is when @QBHATER90 says the team doesn’t value LBs. True or not, it makes me want to take that bat and go ham on everything in sight.

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It’s my favorite position. I love me some Patrick Willis, Fred Warner, chris spielman. That info is coming straight from Public sources Risdon on twitter and also in private. Brad Holmes in interviews and Shepard in interviews. And how rodrigo shot up the ranks. They WANT that to happen. They want Barnes and rodrigo to be diamonds and then focus high picks elsewhere. I think when people continue to see us spend 4th and later picks on lb and not necessarily sign lb’s past their first deal other then on a shorter deal they will get it….


Who did they want?

I think Valenti said Brown and Tua. Click on the video for OP post.

Patricia wanted Derrick Brown

Player Personnel wanted Tua/Isiah Simmons

I’d love to know what was going on in Quinn’s brain to make himself believe he was such an expert in evaluating cornerback talent.

Haven’t kept up with Simmons or Brown. Have either been impactful? I would rather have Goff than Tua.

7 day suspension and a $500 fine for posting that! You know better @Cynodon

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Sorry The Hangover GIF

Go sit in the corner and think about what you did!

After all, he nailed it with Teez Tabor.

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So, you are saying no Henley in the second then?