Milton Williams - La Tech

You guys familiar with this guy. Holy crap. Do want. No way that guy doesn’t get some serious helium though

Short arms so Patricia would hate him. Outside of that he’s a total freak of nature.

@Thats2. You familiar with this guy?

I haven’t watched him yet but I’ve been meaning to, he’s been a favortie of Dane Brugler’s for awhile. And I saw those testing numbers, for sure.

The problem is of course those arms, even non-Patriots evaluators want long arms from a DT. I heard a scout say the other day, what makes Donald so good is that he’s short and can get leverage but he’ also got long arms, making it a deadly combination. He’s a unicorn that way, and where most of the Donald comps fall apart. The OL is probably gonna get his hands on Williams first, what does he do then? That’s what I’m worried about.

Pretty impressive. Why didn’t he do more on the field would be my question?

He was productive when he played. I mean he wasn’t out of this world dominant but he was solid the last two years.

I kind of project him more as a Melvin Ingram style pass rushing chess piece.

Ingram was more accomplished in a better conference and weighed 20 pounds less, but I can see that. Their athletic profiles are similar, as is their length. I’ll keep it in mind as I watch him.

You’re definitely right about competition. I just remembered short arms being a knock on Ingram coming out and he overcame it.

He’s going in the first 50 picks IMO

This RAS is as a DE.