Minny cant have another week this bad

We could be going on a run too. That’s historically laughable, I know. But a lot of serious analysts are taking notice and Team Holmbell might be ready to blastoff. Losing won’t be a total surprise to me, but a letdown would. We’ll see.


Gotta love St. Brown!!! He’s coming for the Vikes.

He looks so young, but his presence is older/more serious/more professional.
Love how his fact lit up, when they started to talk about his family.
You can see the love and pride in his face.
This is telling about his character, and this principle will also show up in the brotherhood.

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Haha! ESPN hot chick says “This feels like a different Detroit Lions team”

Also, any coincidence that the Bills have a bald coach?
*Asking for a friend


Losing four straight in Minny burns my arse to no end. Always hated them more GB & Chi., going back to Tark. To win there, this week, would really bring a smile to this old fart’s face.


Glad I’ll be here to celebrate it with ya, man