Missed the game...questions

Family weekend, barely saw any of the game. Just read the play log. Fill me in on

Was Alim disruptive all game or just had a couple flash plays?

Justin Jackson- Did he get those yards more on his own burst and ability or was it the OL just pwning NYG all day for everyone (hence the 34 rushing attempts.)?

Fox had a big game…his head back in the game after last week?

Swift’s pitch count again low. Did he have any juice or was he just again not really who he can be. I saw him fumble, then get stuffed on the stretch run the next down on 3rd and 1…terrible judgment and cut…ugh.

Once Okudah went out, was it AO replacing him? How did AO look?

I want to like Khalif Raymond but 7 targets 3 catches…on him, on Goff or just covered? Hard to hit an Oompa Loompa in stride…

Kool Aid antidote- They gave up 3 TDs and had 3 turnovers forced. Their kicker sucked or it would be more…not gonna force 3 TO a game. Is the defense better, or positive regression/lucky? Danny Dimes for 341 with a WR corps as decimated as ours…I am not convinced yet fellas.

Kool Aid reload- Cocaine Red Bull Dan took the FG on the first drive, bully ball by the OL and Hutch is getting near Sauce for DROY…

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alim had his best day as a pro. by far.


Was disruptive pretty much the entire game, was easily one of the best defenders yesterday.

Mix of both, O-line was solid in run blocking, and he got usually 6 yards due to some of his burst, it was a good showing for him.

Looks like it

Uhh, def having some issues, his TD run was something similar to what we saw at the start of the season (Fantastic burst there), but i do think they are playing cautious, plus some mental. Saw him out wide a bit, and i think lining him up as a reciever in a 2rb set up is what they should do with him tbh.

Ao looked okay, but secondary got on some routes, kept up with them had some solid coverage, but perfect ball placement and route running caused issues. CB is a big need this offseason though.

Uhh, on goff for some, sometimes on coverage, he had an impressive play that allowed a drive to continue on 3rd and long, and he sealed the game with gadget play run. Height is an issue, but he was serviceable yesterday


Nice, just saw this tweet. Yup.

Per PFF, Alim McNeill had 3 run stops and 7(!!!) pressures


Saquon went 15 carries for 22 yards

Outside of the DJ runs, their run game was putrid


Factor all game


He’s frustrating as hell. They keep coming back to him, but ultimately I think he doesn’t love football or contact and the team is trying to instill a sense of passion that just doesn’t exist.

Seems like Jacobs was more visible after Okudah went down. I was seeing more Harris than AO, but the snap counts will tell the story.

Lif was in position to catch more balls, but Goff hit a stretch there where he was missing a few targets. Ultimately, Lif is largely a 3rd option in the progression and is going to be seeing hurried throws as pressure gets home.

We’re giving up yards between the 20’s for sure.

Dan calls games the way he anticipates needing to call them (rough and tumble vs high-flying). .5% of the fanbase seems to comprehend this, assuming there is no room for strategy outside of their own armchairing. (response triggered by “cocaine red bull dan”)
The game was all about bully ball on both sides, which was clearly the plan.

Hutch is heaven sent.


Not saying you’re wrong, but don’t you think he woulda been traded two weeks ago if that were the case? He definitely does not look 100%, and i thInk it may be frustrating him to the point that the “passion” is no longer on display.

We physically beat up the Giants. It was an ol’ school brawl where the Giants brought a pillow to a fist fight.

Here’s a good one of Sewell destroying people.

St. Brown just abusing Giants on 5 consecutive plays.


ASB is a freaking beast!


Great blocking by Penei. Not sure what to make of Swift on that play. Why didn’t he follow in Penei’s wake? Is he still just trying to use his speed to get around the edge? Eyes closed?? Confidence? Can’t make that cut due to his injury??

So much talent. Come on Swifty, your boys need you!


The first video is entitled “Trust your best offensive lineman, D’Andre Swift”


Thanks for sharing. Great stuff. ARSB is a complete player. If he’s the next Hines Ward, that would be a great career.


Justin Jackson definitely has some well needed juice out there. He also has good blocking though.

Alim was consistently a menace from my first viewing.

Swift looks like he needs reps. He just looks tentative and a bit off. Like a bit of a head case. He also tried to fumble it away on us but recovered it.

The defense looked like the game plan was: “were going to make the Giants beat us with Jones” and really keyed on stopping Barkley. Good game plan . We’re still terrible in the secondary and crossing routes killed us. Jones threw for nearly 350 yards which is ridiculous but we were also opportunistic.


It was a complete performance from all facets.

Game wasn’t really close in second half after lions scored.

McNeil was constant. LB’ers also played pretty well.

Either coaching staff is saving Swift for something or he isn’t 100%. Something isn’t adding up.

My biggest concern leaving the game was back to pass rush and coverage. When jones had time our backup CB’s we’re getting toasted on the crossing routes. Will definitely need more pressure against Buffalo if we are going to find a way to win.

Chark was non existent.

Realized I didn’t answer every one of your questions but you get what you get!


Agreed, this is why we need to get a Dallas level pass rush by throwing cash and beans at the D all offseason. 2 DL starters, a CB starter and a LB too


I thought Cominsky played a good game too.


That looked terrible. Like a guy that is afraid to gain hard yards … just wants to bounce every play outside and hope for the best.

Sad, because he has talent. Something doesn’t look right.


Swift had one frustrating series where he had an easy first down but fumbled it and had to leap back to recover (thankfully) then when they handed it to him on 3rd and 1 he passed up several holes where he could have got a few yards, for a home run hole. He kept running sideways and was eventually tackled for a loss

One sideline pass that Goff overthrew Kalif kind of also looked like Raymond didn’t get to his spot. The hesitated out of his break and was open but I don’t think he was open where the route was designed to be open

Goff never got into a rhythm. He made some clutch throws and it could have been 3TDs if our guys weren’t tackled just short of the end zone, but he was also off target on some throws and looked uncomfortable all day

Pass blocking was awful. Goff was under immediate pressure nearly every drop back. Our interior Oline was getting ragdolled. This has been a weird line all year. Top ten run blocking, bottom ten pass blocking

Williams was balling. He kept his feet moving and hit holes with authority. At this point he’s earned RB1. Chark was a non factor all game. It did look cold and windy as hell though

Alim was possessed by the spirit of peak Aaron Donald all game. It was a dominant game from him both stopping the run and harassing Danny


You talk about a guy that’s been an unsung hero this year. Dude has been pretty consistent!

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Yea was excited when we signed him at the end of training camp because I thought he could help us. The dude averged 5 yards per carry with the Chargers over 4 seasons. Finally we are seeing it when he gets more touches. He also had a 40 yard kickoff return to go with the 66 yards rushing on 9 carries.

Jackson > Swift right now, mostly because Swift is about 65% healthy.

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