MJD mock draft 4/13/21

NFL Network will have a mock by MJD tonight at 8pm.
His mocks are often… interesting… I guess I would say.

They did a preview already… and looks like he has Lions trading back from #7 to #15 for the Patriots to select Mac Jones.

He also has Lance on the board at that point… and then WFT trading up to #9 to get Lance.
Interesting take there… Denver passing on a QB… but maybe he figures they give Lock another year and get a 2022 1st rounder to provide ammo to get a QB next year if needed.

Will be interesting to see if suggests what the trade comp is for Lions to move back… and of course who he thinks they actually select.

Isn’t San Fran already picking #3 overall?

oops… meant to write Patriots of course.
Edited OP to reflect a more accurate version.

And… MJD has the Lions picking Micah Parsons at #15 OA after the trade back with Patriots.

That would make a few people here happy… especially since Sewell (#5) and Chase #6) were off the board. Also… Slater went #8, Waddle at #11, D. Smith at #12.

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I could deal with that depending on what we got from the Patriots with the trade. Does he say what the Patriots gave us?

No trade details on TV or on NFL.com version either. :unamused:

Interesting that he has the Dolphins picking Chase at #7 when they could have just stayed at #12 (and kept their 2022 first round pick) and selected Smith.

Is Chase > Smith + a 2022 first round pick?

Not in my opinion. Hell, I think Smith is the better WR straight up.


Mine either, but we want them to think that so they take Chase and we take Smith.

At 15 i would hope Lions would take the OT Jenkins an I like Parsons but Jenkins is a beast at RT an OL will be set for years.
We can get a LB early in rd two or a WR

That is a hot take… :fire: :fire: :fire:

With the value of OTs… it may end up being a good move because I do think Jenkins could be really good too. But… very bold my friend.