MNF at GB: discuss...(Are you going?)

Let’s get started on our next opponent. 10/14/2019 MNF at Lambeau Field vs the pretty average GB Packers. But are in a similar situation, fairly new Def and new offense.

Who is going to this game? We have 3 Tix in section 130! Not sure what we’ll be doing for the tailgating yet. Hope a few of you will make it!

I watched most of that previous game vs the Eagles they had on TNF. Lambeau, on TV, seemed louder than I’ve ever heard it. They’ve had many renovations in the past few years that have helped get it this way and night games favor more adults, more drinking and louder crowds… So let’s get those available tickets so we can watch our Lions take it to them and take away some of the noise!

They have a couple injuries but we have a lot more. They play DAL next week and we have a bye. Our guys know they can beat anyone and I’m sure are pissed off after Yesterday’s game vs KC. But any given Sunday is the theme lately in this league. Especially the 1st quarter of the season. Time to start to separate from the pack - and the Packers!

Scheming has been pretty good thus far, hope our coaches keep it up.

With Hand, Daniels, Diggs, Slay, Hockenson, Amandola and an ailing Stafford I hope we can see most back close to healthy after the bye. I say close because I don’t believe anyone plays at 100% by week 6… And this will be Davis’ 3rd game back with a bye to see what he’s got to correct.

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!st Green Bay will be ready to play. Just because we went toe to toe with NFL elite doesn’t mean you cant get beat in your own division on any given day. Pretty good QB in packerville

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While we get a bye to heal up and game plan, GB gets to head to Jerryville, the one place in the league that even GB gets boned on calls. Dallas also has some pretty hard hitters on that D, so it wouldn’t surprise me if GB leaves retardville, USA with a bunch of injuries.

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There will be a lot to overcome in Lambeau Field. We will have to overcome similar officiating to the KC officiating debacle.

I think we win this game to put GB on a 3 game skid, as they will drop another one next weekend.

I think our defense will beat them up. 17-23 Lions in a game that the officials make closer than it really was.


I think we’re way more physical. Our DL just beats people up


Yes, they will have to play a good game.
A 3 game skid for GB doesn’t fit the NFL hype.

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Yea, we won’t underestimate them. Not this team. GB gets a lot of calls at home. So definitely not a walk in the park. I expect a close game either way but I think we’re the stronger team with better scheming. A loss, at this point is unacceptable.

I hope GB doesn’t get beat up in DAL injury wise. I actually think they beat DAL who may be out LT Tyron Smith. GB is a good pass rushing team and will benefit from this. I think their run D can only get better and will.

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Better pack some extra cleats! Fall rain or maybe some flurries are possible. 2 weeks out so who knows! Better to have them and not need them.

I also think the rush 3 and cover philosophy is a great defense against the improvising virtuosos at QB (Rodgers, Wilson, etc.)

The uber-patient surgeons (Brady, Brees, etc.) less so.

Dallas looked pretty bad last night against the Saints with Teddy Bridgewater.

I think GB beats Dallas.

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Anyone going to this one?

Not this one. I got my tickets to the Skins game and I really want to go to the Dallas game.

I think a lot depends on Green Bay vs Dallas. If Dallas stomps Green Bay, the talk going into our Monday night game will be “What’s wrong with Green Bay?”.

I think a lot of the national media is in a “pro Detroit” feeling right now. We hung with a Superbowl contender and could have easily won by a couple TD’s.

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We can hope.
I think we will beat them.
If we get most of our injured players back.

The replay crew in NY will probably have a really good game for GB too

Because a 3 game skid for GB doesn’t fit the NFL script


If any of you are thinking of going and haven’t been to Lambeau, give it strong consideration. I think GB and Seattle have two of the best road environments to experience, Philly and Chicago are probably the worst.


Better get you one of those black and white stripe flags.
Hack into their NY feed and make the calls for them.

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we beat Green Bay in Lambeau before back when we were a lesser-than team.
IMO, we are two steps better-than we “were” via 2018 and before. we will be rested up, we will get some of our injured players back, we have a stingy defense, this team doesn’t know ‘quit’ and plays to the final second of every game, THIS season, we have Bevell and not JBC…Bevell is 3 times better than Cooter ever was. OUR guys want this damn game , they are hungry for wins. Patricia IS gaining ground and even some respect from Lion fans. Stafford is making some unbelievable throws and he seems almost cocky when he plays. The only way we lose is poor officiating. Erin no longer scares me…he already shows how he can get rattled under pressure…BUT* you can not let him set back behind his line untouched/unpressured, or he’ll pick you apart.
that said, for the first time , I have seen OUR team getting more TO’s…which is very cool.


I like it!!

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Interesting recent facts.

The last time Green Bay lost 3 games after starting the season on a win streak was in 2015 (they started 6-0 before losing the next 3). The 3rd loss in that skid was against…you guessed it…the Detroit Lions.

They lost 3 straight in 2016 and 2018.

They lost 3 straight in 2017 twice. Both times the 3rd loss was too…no couldn’t be…it was the Detroit Lions.