MNF Eagles vs Chiefs!


The Chiefs AND Eagles are coming off of a BYE and playing on Monday Night. I do not think I have ever seen that before. At least with 2 teams THIS good at football. The Chiefs defense is 2nd in the league. I never thought I would say that. The team that has put up the most yards against the Chiefs is…the Detroit Lions. And to us we considered it an off night.

On the betting side the money is all over the place. There are some big bettors that are swaying the data back and forth so there isn’t a clear read on it. In other words its a “pick’em” game and the sharps are not locked on to a single team.


You failed to mention the asterisssssskkkkkk

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Go KC! A #1 seed is something very, very new.

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Did i hear them say Jalen Hurt is 27th in the league when under pressure? Hope KC brings it all night.

Eagles would still get the tiebreaker as 1st one is NFC Conference record and the Eagles would still be 6-0 vs us at 6-1

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So if KC wins tonight and Detroit wins on Thursday, we would own the best record in the NFL :slight_smile:

For a few days…

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Seems like everybody already gave the chiefs the game nobody given eagles a chance

I threw $25 at the Eagles +100 and +2.5 points. That way if they win I will be able to wipe my tears with some dollaz.

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I thought that to but I just watched the R Eisen show and he said the tie breaker for seeding was common opponents

Vegas gives them a shot at +2.5.

Sporting my Eagles voodoo doll hoping they loose

Dan knows we can only lose to AFC opponents. The problem is he thought the Seahawks were still in the AFC West.

If opening game was this weather the lions would have been killed 60-0.

That D pimped on that first drive.

Definitely. I think the Lions having the best record is a sign that the apocalypse is only moments away.

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After watching Fox… These other punters are a joke

This game reminds me of Lions@KC

I see eagles win

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That is our rallying cry during the NFC Championship Game!
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