MNF Ravens vs Raiders

Maybe I missed it but I’m not seeing a thread on this. My wife was placed in charge of putting the game on. I have no idea what she did but she put it on Peyton and Eli’s MNF telecast. I didn’t know this existed. For the casual fan I’m sure its boring (they even tone down the fan noise) but for me this is my speed. More insightful football talk. Side stories. Football history. Details on what’s REALLY going on.

I’m digging this.

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Im with you… nice to hear some actual knowledge instead of BS. That last TD was blown defense. Tv announcers trying to sell it as great speed from the RB…nope.

I’m only stuck at a bar so I can’t see that one. I’ll definitely put it on after I get done.

I also need Darren Waller to get 7 fantasy points and I beat a guy with 151 points. Just 7.

He will not get 7 now.

You have to be a bit of a football junkie to like it…but I have a feeling we’ve got more than a few of those on this board.

They just went into a side story about the number changes and why Brady didn’t like it. Eli said if they were in base and the defense for whatever reason came out in nickel it would confuse his lineman because they couldn’t compute that #35 was the SAM. They both said their lineman could typically only compute the numbers they normally block (50s and 90s) and the rest they dismissed as guys the backs and receivers were supposed to block.

People can say what they want about Waller. He’s a great athlete that has been put at TE. He’s not a great TE though.

I think I fit that description. Just not on defense.

For the 2nd quarter they had Ray Lewis as the guest. And as an offensive guy, he was dropping nuggets on what you may have had questions on as an offensive guy. One interesting thing I never thought about was he said his defensive guys knew what other defensive guys roles were on a playcall. They would sometimes switch roles on the field. So randomly a LB who was supposed to be blitzing is suddenly a DB covering and the DB who is supposed to be covering is blitzing from a LB spot which makes no sense and confuses the shit out of the offense. In reality it was just a regular call from the coordinator but on the fly Ray Lewis might look at Ed Reed and say “switch!”


Pretty rad what you can do with two hall of fame players. Can you imagine Collins yelling ‘Switch’ to Harris? They would have a better chance of confusing eachother than the offense

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Crazy ass games this year. Anyone watching this? Raiders thought they scored the TD in OT, they were short. Ravens just picked it. This is nuts. Just like the Lions game. Game isn’t over until it is over.


Crazy game!


And Lamar choked.

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Wow, that was Great! Cant wait till next week!

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What? Good play by Raiders D to strip the ball. No pocket existed.

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That was a great game to watch!
I laughed, I cried, and it was easy to dance to!


A lot of MNF games have been duds but I actually think the season opening TNF game and this MNF game were the two best games this week.

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Very entertaining game. It didn’t have my full attention for the 1st half, but I couldn’t help but wonder how in the world Oakland was even in this game. It seemed like every time I looked up, the Ravens were gashing them for dozens of yards at a time.

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Oakland wasn’t in the game. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Peyton made lots of Oakland references as well. The hardest one for me is not saying San Diego. For the life of me I can’t do it.

Weird. Even as I read that it takes a second to process. Just so naturally Oakland. And if it were asked as a rapid-fire trivia question; “The raiders moved to which city in 2020?” I’d probably answer LA, LOL.