Mock draft watch: Breaking down Draft Wire's latest 2-rounder for the Lions

Setting aside that most of these mock drafts are overwhelming premature (before the final draft order is set, before free agency, before the combine, etc.), I rarely find one I like–the following one included;

I don’t hate the last three picks - in fact I like Porter Jr. and Kraft quite a bit, and Johnson’s fine there - but I can’t get behind Stroud at #3. That’s an opinion based on my evaluation so of course I could be wrong, but even Dane Brugler says scouts are torn on whether he’s top ten or out of the 1st round altogether. Top ten as a ceiling! So I don’t see us going that way at 3.

Speaking of Brugler, I liked his mock for us: Carter at #3 and Christian Gonzalez at 13. That would be a great 1st round haul.


They all think we’re stupid!
Pedal the hype elsewhere, we’re not buying it.
A generational talent us coming up in two years. Coincidentally, Goff is under contract for 2 more years.

I have no interest in Stroud, he looks the part of another OSU system QB.


What’s the story behind him not wanting to run at all? I saw several plays he could have taken off against Michigan for huge yardage. I’m glad he didn’t but he’s going to get killed in the nfl if he won’t run.

You could have stopped there.

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