Monarrez says the Lions should move on from Swift

Basically, he extols all the virtues of Jamaal Williams, points out. Justin Jackson’s improvement, and argues that the Lions are best as a running team. The Lions need a change of pace game breaker and Swift isn’t the guy. A small snippet from the article:

“Right now, the Lions are a run team, and a very good one at that. They have an excellent offensive line and one very good, dependable running back. What they need is a complement to Williams, the kind of change-of-pace, electric running back Swift is supposed to be.

That means what the Lions really need is the courage to accept Swift will probably never be the player they need him to be. And that means having the courage to find his replacement next year in order to make the run game even more dangerous and dependable.”


He’s pretty cheap next year on the final year of his deal so I’d keep him for next season and then move on. Too injury prone.


I never thought I would agree with him ever but he makes a solid point!

Very disappointed in Swift this year….I think it’s more mental with him but he seems not real interested for some reason?

Prove me wrong Swift!


Why would we move on from Swift after this season?..that doesn’t make much sense to me unless you don’t believe he can stay healthy.

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Might Swift have value on the trade market?

Swift plus a 3d Rd pick to upgrade to a 2d Rd pick, for example?


What does an oft-injured 3rd down back in his last contract year get these days?


Swift will be here next year. Hard to see him getting a second contract here though. Shame as he flashed last year and at the start of this season but he just seems to be lacking the durability and mentality to be a consistent threat


“Moving on” to the next back is inevitable. That’s just the nature of the position. Its time to add to the stable. And I agree that we need a guy who can break long runs. I am also not one to hang my hat on Jamaal Williams. He’s doing great this year and I would give him his glory oof getting to 1,000 yards. But I think his body is going to be battered after this season and he will be a sub 4ypc guy next year. Still worth having around, but not worth giving 200 plus carries to.


Apparently, that hard coaching from Duce Staley just didn’t stick.

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Agree, and the other issue with Jamaal is that he is very limited in the passing game. In two years with the Lions, he has 35 receptions for 214 yards, 6.1 ypr, and 0 TDs. In contrast, during that same-time frame, Swift has 82 receptions for 614 yards, 7.5 ypr, and 4 TDs. In receiving department…

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He actually has been decent this season with more than a few articles that I agreed with. While much of the board was railing on DC he was saying keep going don’t be sameOL and give up too early. Time to give up later but let the season play out etc etc.


Yes, Monarrez has been a bit more positive and less dungeon of doom this season.

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This is the failure in his piece.

The Lions don’t lack courage, Swift does. And, no, they’re not just going to “accept Swift”, as they were committed to seeing him reach his potential. After a solid year of that investment by Duce, what is his judgement going to be? That’s what matters. It’s obvious that unless a light goes on for Swift in the next few weeks, they’ll definitely not be banking on him next year.

Swift is an RB3 with RB1 skillset. The Lions need and will find RB1.


I think we’re all seeing how big of a need RB is next season. Keep Swift as cheap insurance, my guess is they re-sign Jamal, but they need a young cheap RB in that stable who can fill the 3rd RB role next year then replace Swift moving forward. I’ll let the FO choose the player and round - but it’s a definite need.

When you want to be a running team, you need three starting level running backs. It’s just the nature of the pounding they take. But it’s absolutely a need in the offseason


Im not sure the bean value is right to trade Swift vs just playing him next year.

Best case we get a late 3rd right? Best case.

Sure looks like they should bring Swaggy back though …wouldnt be surprised tonsee that happen yet this year.

Id like to see Swifts replacement drafted, but maybe more of a scatback type guy. I think Netflix and Jackson are just fine as complimentary/backups to Swaggy, and maybe not in that order. I like JJs burst for his size.


Duce said if you can’t pass block you can’t play for me. Between that and the injuries, well. As has been mentioned, not that much to let his contract play out.

I would give Jamaal 20 carries a game, he gets better the more he gets the rock. No point moving on from Swift he is cheap next year.


Swift his hampered by injuries. His cut/explosive first step is not there. You can tell. But when he’s healthy, it’s an explosive offense.


When Holmes was with the Rams, between 2012 and 2020, they drafted a RB almost every year.

2012–Isaiah Pead in Rd 2; Daryl Richardson in Rd 7

2013–Zac Stacy in Rd 5

2014-Tre Mason in Rd 3

2015–Todd Gurley in Rd 1

2017–Sam Rogers (FB) in Rd 6

2018–John Kelly in Rd 6

2019–Darrell Henderson in Rd 3

2020–Cam Akers in Rd 2

And, with that list, we should be concerned because he’s apparently much better at evaluating Safeties than RBs.


Swift runs like he’s upset over not being used as much. His body language when he runis much different than Williams and Jackson.