Money Coming in for Campbell for Coach of the Year Bettors

Add some more fuel to the hype train… money coming in for Campbell to win Coach of the Year!

[NFL odds: Bettors backing surprise name to win NFL Coach of Year | FOX Sports]


Not a surprise and the article is really stretching it if you ask me.

Dan is currently 8th in odds. Usually Coach of the year is won by a team that turns it around. So to be 8th in the odds isn’t all that high. So Vegas thinks there’s 8 coaches who have a better chance then Dan.

People were betting on him because they were getting 60-1. The Lions finished fairly well down the stretch and it’s not hard to see that the Lions could be above 500.

So if your getting 60-1 it’s easy to lay that bet. Now that his odds are dropping so will the money placed on him.


Dan and the Lions were 11-6 against the point spread in 2021, right? Correct me if I’m wrong.

With that roster and weekly injury report - Dan should’ve been in the top 10 conversation last year with a 3 -13-1 football team, for Coach of the Year.

It really is incredible what he achieved with that 2021 roster.

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