Monkey Labor - Unacceptable!

I always said a monkey could do my job. These guys work hard and don’t take breaks!


“Chaokoh said it contracted a company to conduct a monkey-free coconut due diligence assessment in 2020”

There is no possible way this isn’t part of a Monty Python skit.


I want coconut milk from monkey-picked coconuts only.

Better they be chained, trained and put to good use than left alone to pick-pocket tourists.

Monkeys climb trees and pick coconuts for a reward that their trainers have waiting for them.

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Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork are no spring chickens either

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This is how they made the Pelaton treadmills. #Disruption!

When first out of college I was working in corporate American for a large corporation who had a team of bean counters and one of them actually said that one day and that was my first indication that I did not want to work in corporate America.

That monkey is not a person, unacceptable…Stephen A. Smith

I’m totally unionizing those monkeys. Fight for 15… um, bananas per something?


Who needs monkeys, when we can use Robots!! No bananas required.

How many coconuts can a monkey pick in a day?

1,000 coconuts

Male monkeys are able to pick up to 1,000 coconuts a day , Peta says. It’s thought that a human can pick about 80. It said it also discovered “monkey schools”, where the animals were trained to pick fruit, as well as ride bikes or play basketball for the entertainment of tourists.

The monkeys were sent to “school” and trained to pick fruit and to ride a bike…gasp!..or play basketball… the horror! If dogs had opposable thumbs we’d have em trained to do a whole lot more than simply playing games and picking fruit… we should train PETA to pick the dam coconuts!


The monkeys should unionize

Pay this simian his money…