Montez Sweat stock plummeting due to team medical exams

I hate draft season, because this is just like Murray started out as a QB then turned in to the QB who would likely be drafted in the first round and then turned in to the surefire number 1 overall pick out of nowhere just in time for the media to be all “oh actually maybe not” so that they can say they were right either way.

Season for fluff, ends zthursday night. I do not doube he falls some, but a team like Philly or New England will benefit and that hurts.

If we don’t trade out of #8 I would still take have him on my board if he is there. For me it’s Allen, White and Sweat in that order.

I’ll say this, its interesting seeing the chatter this year when its not a Michigan player like Hurst.

So many still wanted him after that news came out.