Montgomery or Miles Sanders?

Money aside…. who do you prefer???

Sanders but Chicago seemed more committed to using Montgomery than Philly ever was to Sanders.

I think Miles Sanders is a bit overrated but I think they’re fairly comparable. If I had to pick I’d go Montgomery but Sanders would be just fine to have instead.

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At what point do we discuss that Philly had a top 10… probably top 5 OL for most of the “Sanders” years…. while Monty had… well…, Shitcago???….

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Monty is a better player IMO. Less juice but a more skilled RB.

Yeah agreed. Kept hearing out of Philly that they didn’t think he could carry much of a load which is why they relied on Gainwell and Scott so much.

I was talking with close friend about those two RBs for Lions before when i posted the idea of us getting him. We discussed him an Sanders an we both decide if we were GM it would be Montgomery

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Sanders for me. But content with Montgomery.

Sanders is a 5.0ypc back in the NFL, and was a 6.0ypc back in college

Montgomery has a 3.9 NFL average and 4.7 in college

When making excuses is the support you provide in making an argument as to why a player isn’t performing to the level of the other guy, the other guy is probably better.

I totally agree.
Sanders is a workout warrior…
but his OL was already great… and Monty was just as good.
Sometimes…. having a good O Line makes me think the guy might not be that great (yep… I mean Sanders)….

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