Monty and Gibbs are tearing it up

It’s been a slow afternoon at work, so I devoted a little time comparing how our 2 headed monster at RB ranks against some of the others. All numbers are pulled from ESPN and are hopefully accurate.

Monty and Gibbs have more total yardage than any other RB combination in the league at 1,436. Gibbs has a combined 771 yards and Monty has 665 yards. The next closest duo is Raheem Mostert and De’Von Achane of Miami with 849 and 532 yards respectively for 1,398. If you want to count Deebo Samuel as a RB, then he has combined with McCaffrey to produce 1,707 total yards. I don’t count Samuel as a RB because he consistently gets more touches as a receiver, but I can see an argument that he should be considered the RB2 in San Fran. McCaffrey blows everyone away individually with 1,189 total yards as it is.

No major revelations here. I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate how well our new backfield has played this year. I suspect Mostert and Achane would have the most yards if Achane hadn’t missed half the season, but I’m not interested in any more asterisks.


I appreciate the time and effort.


Deebo’s agent is going to send you a cease and desist letter for suggesting he is a running back.

Both pairs of RBs have missed plenty of games too. Imagine how far ahead they’d be if they were healthy every week. Hell I think Achane piled up most of his yards in 2 games!

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I hit up a similar topic a few days back: we are the only team with two top 25 RBs ….


And they have both missed several games.

If healthy we are setting NFL records down the stretch

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right… but he was “unknown” prior to those couple games. Not likely the focus of the defense. Going forward he will be…

How many games has Gibbs and Monty missed this year combined? 3 or 4?

Monty looks good running in Honolulu Blue that’s for sure.

I heard Rhythm and Bruise suggested as a nickname for the two of them on NFL RedZone Sunday. I like it.