More Good News! Charles Harris out as well vs NE

Luckiest team in the league!

ALLEN PARK – The Detroit Lions have the worst defense in the league. Now they’re going to have to figure out how to turn it around without two of their three most productive pass rushers in New England.

Edge defender Charles Harris has been officially ruled out to play against the Patriots because of a groin injury he sustained in practice on Thursday. He becomes the third Lions player to miss a game because of an injury he sustained in practice, all of them linemen. With John Cominsky still out while recovering from wrist surgery, Detroit – already struggling to get home without bringing the blitz – will be without its No. 2 and No. 3 players in QB pressures this season.

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Phew! That was a relief. Thought we would make it through a day without more shit hitting the fan.


Another injury sustained during practice it appears.

Sure seem to get our fair share (and more) of these type of injuries.

Time for Bryant to step up!

With Zappe starting for Pats, we really need to win this game. Even the staunchest supporters of Holmes and Campbell… as I am…can see this.

Maybe our Lions can give us joy tomorrow. C’mon Lions!

Since his replacement is going to be Hutchinson, I’d say that’s addition by subtraction.

With Demetrius getting reps at DE on the other side, hopefully, the run defense will be much better.

D Taylor



I thought Cominsky had surgery on a finger, not wrist.


Taylor was going to be in the lineup anyway wasn’t he? That was announced before Harris got injured?

So how does losing another Lineman make things better? When he’s one of the better rushers they have?

Where is the/any depth for that line? They’re going to be exhausted by the end of the first quarter.

Injured in practice… haha another one. What a team!

So what number do you think Will Anderson Jr wears next year for the Lion’s??

I don’t see how anyone could think the team’s practice/training regimen is NOT directly contributing to the team’s injuries. The number of injuries after 4 games is completely absurd.

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Thought it was JJackson with the finger. So hard to keep up.

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I wouldnt be shocked if the Seahawks end up trading up for Anderson. They’ll have a better combo of 1st rounders than the Lions will.