More Malik Willis QB School videos

I haven’t gotten a great chance to watch them yet, but I’ll make sure I do later. I’m just sharing now because I just saw them.

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Great, I hope every team looking for a QB watches these and decides that #2 isn’t too early to draft him.

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Lol yeah that’s probably Detroit. I’m gonna laugh my ass off. I think the debate over Thibs and walker will be mute because there probably taking Willis at 2. I wonder what the thoughts around here will be then.

I predict him getting booed like Stafford was when he first came here because we didn’t take A-Aron Curry instead… :roll_eyes:


To be fair, there was also a contingent that wanted Mark Sanchez too.

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Sanchez has really big hands. I’m shocked that didn’t get him into the HOF.


I am a Detroit Lions fan. I won’t pretend to be smarter then the people we currently have in place and will cheer on any draft pick, regardless of who it is. Never understood people getting all pissed because they didn’t draft “their” guy.


Please refer back to all the stupid picks in the 2nd round forever. It isn’t about picking MY guy, it’s about picking total busts.


If they think he’s gonna be a star, they should without a doubt. Based on his tape I don’t see how they can think that, but I’ve thought the same about other QBs who turned out good-to-great. I suppose it depends on their confidence that they can develop him.

I also guarantee none of us has any idea what they’re doing yet at 2, they’re not probably taking Willis or anyone else. We’re not just gonna let everyone know what we’re thinking. And the fact is if our FO is doing something where other people see it and say ‘oh, they’re doing that cause they like this guy,’ then I can assure you Brad & Co let it be seen on purpose.


I’ll be on the fire Dan and Holmes band wagon. If they trade for Goff and take that kind of cap hit. Then give the guy few weapons. Only to move on afterwards then they aren’t the right people for the job.

Not to mention throwing a young QB on a team devoid of talent is just stupid.


That first play he diagnosed, if willis cuts it up inside behind his blocker on that DB going outside rather than running to the edge, its a big gain rather than a 3 yard gain. He has the legs and the speed, i just dont think he has the vision and patience to be a dynamic runner like Vick or Jackson.

But we are the Lions what do you expect. Lol
And I didn’t say trade Goff they keep him for a year.

I hope they don’t I just got from reading how much they like him that it would be the most Lions like thing to happen to fans. we pass on on Hutch or thibs and they go on to be TJ Watt

I didn’t say trade Goff either.

I said - if they trade for Goff and take that kinda hit.

They had other trades. Some I’d argue were better options that didn’t attach the team to a big QB contract.

If their plan was to move on from Goff after just one season then they shouldn’t have ever taken the Goff trade. Or made Goff part of the trade.

Clearly Denver was willing to pay up and Carolinas offer would have made more sense if they had planned to add a young QB.

Trading for Goff means you have to get the value out of Goff. You have to give him a real opportunity. To cut bait after one season, devoid of talent, makes little sense.

Personally I don’t think Dan and Brad will do it. I think they have a bigger plan that involves Goff for at least two more seasons.


The biggest argument I have for our interest in Willis is the fact that they’re mum on him. If we want Hutch, we would feign interest in Willis to influence a trade in front of us by a qb needy team.

Inside the Den featured a heavy dose of Howell and hardly any Willis. They choose a slight overthrow and an outside shoulder throw that was thrown a little too inside. Considering how dry Howell is and how everyone talks about Willis and his swagger, I can only assume that wasn’t a decision made for entertainment value. Nobody is watching to see Howell.

Might not mean anything, but it’s very curious.

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@Tcmouse and anyone else who thinks Goff is getting traded.

Chris Burke had this to say about Goff trade rumors.

“To the best of my knowledge, Detroit isn’t actively shopping Goff,” Burke wrote. “I don’t think GM Brad Holmes is even passively shopping him, just floating his name to take the temperature or whatever.”

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As long as it’s not moot.

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They fought for it as well. Some people held on for 2 or 3 years. Insanity.

Nobody cares about any hand measurement that is 9 inches or larger.

Nobody ever correlated hand size being a positive trait for success.

A hand size smaller than 9 inches is a concern.
Not a deal breaker… but a concern.
Pickett also has several years of play prior to 2021 that are a concern.
He struggled to throw the ball in the rain at the Senior Bowl… and against UNC. More concerns.

Think about it like this. Goff, Blough, or vet to be named later. We have ZERO chance of winning a SB next year. If we take Willis, he should sit for a year and learn period, full stop. What he can be after a full year of learning how to be a NFL QB, who knows. So, IF we are drafting our future franchise QB, AND he isn’t going to play, then WHY NOT trade Goff, get valuable beans that mitigate spending the pick on Willis, draft another starting level position player, then sign the best available vet QB you can get and limp through next season. You take the cap hit for Goff and get it out of the way.

Then because you took Willis in the first (I want to trade up from 32 or down from 2 to take him in that 12 to 17 range), you start him in 2023 and have him for cheap money for 4 full years. You get another full draft and FA before he takes his first live bullet snap, so at that point, we should have a pretty good cast around him. He’ll take his lumps, but we could be ready to contend in his second season. I think this is a solid plan. We are not “devoid of talent” now, let alone after two more full drafts and FA periods by competent player acquisition personnel. Starting Willis as a rookie would be stupid, but that should not remotely be the plan. Goff, Blough or whoever you can get on a one year deal will be the man next season.


How are you so sure he’ll be available in the 12-17 range? I get it’s not ideal to go 2OA. But it’s the pick we have. Was 3OA too rich for trey lance? Because he wasn’t just taken 3OA. There were multiple firsts given up to do it.

Either way I can see a situation where we keep Goff if Willis is drafted. Willis is still a risk and Goff can still do damage next season. NFC isn’t as tough as the afc.

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