Moseley presser

Already love him. Smart, engaging, and if the injury disappears by August… man Lions have brought in some ballers. To the surprise of nobody.


I thought he really looked bigger than what he is listed at


I agree. Just kind of a big, broad, built guy. He did say in the presser that he’s always working out so I guess that makes sense.


I like Mosely. Loved him in college too.

But I think it’s optimistic to expect him back by the start of the season.

I can admit I’m not privy to the details of his recovery but from what I had heard he wasn’t expected to be ready by the start of preseason.


Doctors told him he’d be ready by training camp if he keeps showing the signs that he’s showing.

Edit: By preseason if he puts in the work.


Here’s what I find fascinating.

Communication breakdowns were the biggest cause of our reoccurring secondary debacles in 2023. Now we bring in two skilled communicators, bring back Tracey who is one as well and add that to Kerby who seems to be.

I expect our secondary to go from weakness to strength next year.


He is such a likable guy, thanks for sharing. He has definitely won me over already.

I’m not a big conspiracy theorist, but any chance the Lions may have enticed him to come here by telling him they have some serious interest in Hendon Hooker? He said that is like his little brother and QBHATER90 believes the Lions have some serious interest in him.

He sounded like he was already very interested to come here for many other reasons as well, but I thought that was an interesting possibility.


Does Hooker make it to our 2nd rd pick (48th)? Right now he is the 5th rated QB on the board


I doubt they would give away any draft intensions. I do think Sutton was used for recruitment purposes and that the 1-2 was the plan all along. Great strategy if so.


Great point on the communication cleaning up with the veterans in the backfield. Then you add in bringing back the guy who directs the defense on the field in AA, his third year in AG’s defense.

I remember hearing how guys were trying to do to much or guys were trying cover for mistakes others were making. The issue started to disappear around the 6th or 7th game. Man, can the season start already.

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When you watch these films of the guys we have brought in and brought back the one word that resonates with me is their desire to be leaders. Buggs, Monty, Mosley here, all of them. And did we just sign our backup QB, hmmm, hmmm? Earning your place on this team is paramount, we just went through 2 seasons of trying to get warm bodies on the field all over the place. He also mentioned getting Mac McCain here, more depth and hopefully a guy we can coach up, I missed that signing. That CB room is starting to get crowded.


I’m worried he doesn’t make it.

Who do you think picks him in the first 47?

It’s a quarterback. No one thought the Eagles would take Hurts when they did.

I don’t know who but people like him



I’m stunned. I thought they’d load up in the draft and was expecting very little FA activity, let alone dipping into the CB pool twice.


despite some of the opposition ppl have given to me talking about this, notice 100% OF THEM talk about “energy” → they ALL mention it & sometimes reference it multiple times.

Brad is teaching them to be leaders as humans - warriors on the field - & leaving by example.

I was pretty surprised too, man

Holmes and Campbell will soon be…

Celebrate Lets Go GIF by NBA

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I should have clarified. When I said ballers, I meant players in general, not position specific. I too was surprised at the double dip.

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I just saw a blurb that said Buggs was the guy that called the players only meeting last season and it was about lack of communication between the three defensive groups.
I think you’re on to something.
Homes and Campbell are fixing an identified problem.


All of the sudden, DST and Rodrigo are the weak links.:rofl:
We have a very powerful and versatile Dline.
Our starting backfield should scare every team in the league.
And our offense is a powerhouse!
This is about to be the most fun any of us have ever had as Lions fans.
Get ready, it’s happening!