Most disappointing player?

Who does everyone think has been the most disappointing player this year?

For me it has to be Alim McNeil. Not to say that he has been bad because I think his run defense has been really really good. I was expecting a giant leap from him in the pass rushing department though and can’t recall a single play he has made in that department in either game.

John Cominsky has also been virtually invisible and his preseason had me pretty excited to see what he could do.

Jerry Jacobs has probably been our worst starter to this point.


Good post… definitely hit some points there.

I also have to beat the dead horse and say that the scheme is leaving me disillusioned… so I think some of our guys could be more successful if they were put in a better position to succeed.


Paschal. Turns out that just the French word for Hand

Dude will flash potential then always be hurt


Jacobs for me


I think he could be a very good starter too.


James Houston. But it’s not his fault.


A lot of folks seemed to think he was going to transition to pass-rushing DT, especially after our drafting BroMart. If the Lions were any other team that we weren’t emotionally invested in, we’d point and laugh at the suggestion.

Brock Wright, guy looks terrible in the run game

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Charles Harris the 3 phaze invisible man.

Then Gibbs the 12th over all pic for a 3rd down back.

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McNeil is a NT playing 3t

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Maybe a little off here but Jack Campbell was disappointing today . Making tackles way down field also looking like a liability in coverage. I had high hopes for him but not that impressed except for the one play at KC .

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Marvin Jones for me.

Aaron Glenn is the biggest disappointment. I know he’s not a player but I just don’t think he’s the answer at DC.


Jerry Jacobs. Dude talks alot he needs to back it up.

Charles Harris
Marvin Jones
James Houston (but I blame AG and coaching staff)

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Unfortunately this is what I saw out of him coming out of college and another reason why I hated our 1st round. I’m sure he will be ok, but I want more than just OK out of the 1st round.

Early returns showing Bijan is the better RB so far

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Love Jack Campbell, but he looked pretty bad today I thought

Jacobs got abused

Then everything we’re doing is pissing in the wind because Dan won’t get rid of him.