Most disappointing player?

Even at 6, they were taking Gibbs over Bijan though. Campbell said that is his post-draft presser. Essentially said both were amazing players/talents, but Gibbs fit better what they were looking for in a back with the current roster make-up. My guess is they felt like they had Montgomery as the lead back and they were both workhorse types so he wanted an electric hybrid type player like Gibbs to play off of Montgomery.

That is sound logic, and I really do like Gibbs, but Bijan was my favorite RB prospect since AP.

With that said, we were able to trade down and Bijan was gone so it is definitely Bijan (and pick #81) or Gibb/LaPorta.

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That’s good to know. Appreciate the update.

My understanding was that, since we technically cut him in his rookie year, he was able to leave after this season. Sounds like the Lions can “easily” hang on to him until at least after next season…where they can possibly get some kind of compensation if he is picked up elsewhere.

Good stuff! Thanks, @detroit1811

There was some of that for sure, but Geno had plenty of plays where he took his time too.

They traded down. I watched it live.

I have to say that I called out McNeil for last week for being a major disappointment so far. Against the Falcons, he showed upper echelon ability inside. If this defense is going to take that next step, it is imperative for that McNeil to show up more often than not.

Cominsky still is not flashing like he did last year, was hoping for more from him. Jacobs certainly rebounded compared to last week, and both his DPI’s were fairly weak calls. He is still probably our shakiest starter on defense and we could use Moseley in a big way.


Hard to be disappointed in a guy who was bad before, just same old same old. Mitchell has a better grade. I would mention Harris but again, he was bad before. Jones and I didn’t expect much but man.


Even when McNeil was a ghost in the pass rush department, he was a stud against the run. So… he definitely has talent.


I expected more from him. He’s been burned almost as much as Bruce “Toast” McNorton.

Jacobs was Birkett’s primary goat of the week with the Saints running a close second.

Can you go back to Billy Simms?

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Gibbs doesn’t look like what we were promised. That’s the biggest disappointment so far.


Yeah but I’m not sure we know how to use him, he’s been flashing in the run game. But every pass play seems he gets knock down as soon as he catches the ball. He has been disappointing in that way , but I think it’s not all on him

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It also feels like this staff doesn’t quite trust him him yet. Which is weird considering they gave him almost no preseason reps. I would have expected Ben Johnson to have more play calls for Gibbs so far this season.

Hopefully he gets more confident, comfortable and gets more play calls as the season goes along. But yea he’s certainly gotten off to a much slower start than anyone could have predicted

Don’t get me wrong. 4.6 ypc is not bad. It’s just that I’m not seeing many “game changing” plays.

Maybe the field opens up some after JAMO comes back.



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Definitely both of the first round rookies. If Holmes didn’t crush the second round this board would be on fire about the Gibbs and Campbell picks. They should’ve flipped those picks to Denver in hindsight for PS2 and Bolles :rofl:

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I thought he ran hard again last night, not a lot of touches. But 5.0 yards per carry is very good.

Clearly you haven’t been watching Jack Campbell very closely the past 2 weeks. He’s playing well in a new position.


Agree on JC and how Gibbs has flashed, still believe that these will show out tremendously going forward. Time to move on from foundation positional value.

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Gibbs is on pace for 1000 total yards and is really only playing part time. I think we see his usage increase. Can’t be giving Monty 25-30 carries every week and expect him to stay healthy.

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