Most sure handed TE in draft, a Lion, not TJ

This is not good news for Roberts.

Replying to this withcommon sense.
We signed Thomas and James. Roberts was still on the roster. We drafted Hockenson and still drafted Nauta giving us five in the TE room. We know James and Hockenson will be 1/2,2/1. That leaves Roberts, Thomas and Nauta. Roberts and Nauta are Quinn picks. Leaves Thomas fighting for a spot. Lions think Nauta has best hands in the draft for TE and get him late. I think there is no way they can place him on the PS. Roberts isn’t eligible. They burned a late pick if they cut Nauta, so Logan Thomas becomes a free agent if we drop him and he is still there if we run into problems. Last spot through Roberts, I think.

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It’s Nauta bad pick… {ducks}


You should duck and cover.

How funny would it be if our 7th rounder outperforms our top 8 TE? I wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

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Especially if he can dance.


Roberts has to last through TC without getting injured AND beat out Thomas and Nauta, which I think is somewhat in doubt. Wouldn’t be surprised if Roberts doesn’t make it, being a Quinn pick is not going to save anybody. My guess is, whoever looks good on ST will have a leg up on the the other 2, and I wouldn’t be surprised either if the Lions go with 4 TEs.

Our PS is going to have some decent players on it, a few of whom IMHO are gonna get picked off by other teams.

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I won’t be surprised if a seventh round pick ends up on the PS, and I won’t be surprised if he doesn’t get picked off. He’s undersized and slow. Can he overcome, sure, but he isn’t going to have many chances to show that he can in game situations. There simply won’t be much to go off for any team thinking they may want him. We will have the advantage of watching him through camp, they won’t. He’s a 7th round pick for a reason, and part of that is that it was a deep draft for TE’s and teams wanting one were able to get one.