Mostly concerned

I am still mostly concerned about WR, I would say that OL would be a close second. Jones barely played half the season last year with 9 games, and averaging right at 10 ypc both Amendola and Kearse simply fit the “possession receiver” narrative. That’s really what the TE’s are for so unless we are counting on being a dink and dunk O, which could very well be, I’m a little worried about the depth on the outside.

OL situation is very well known. What we don’t know is how a guy like Oday will contribute or what moving Ragnow means. I believe we have the making of a good OL if we can get a group that can stay healthy and have continuity. Not too excited about our depth but at least we have guys who played last year and we should know what to expect. Running more should help, let these guys blow out of the blocks and hit someone.

I remain cautiously optimistic about the rest of the team, and I’m not sure I have ever really thought that in years. LB is something of a question mark but I believe that we have the guys they want. Sure, if Stafford goes down we are in fact real trouble and I do wish they had brought in better depth but there you go,

Bev is a WCO Coach. It’s going to be dink and dunk…and run first.


I think we will utilize TE a ton and that can reduce the need for WR depth. I also have hopes the Amendola can mentor Powell. I don’t feel like we’ve seen Powell’s ceiling.
Hoch will help a ton in the passing game.
Golliday May have fewer catches, but higer ypc. If the ol can hold up, and for the first time since Barry play action works, we may see a few really nice deep balls every game.

At least we have the tools for quick release plays, if the ol isn’t holding up. Lots of questions to be answered.

OL is by a mile my biggest concern.

Bring on football season

Funny how things change. This time last year, I would have voted WR as my least concerned position. Golden, Marvin and Kenny… love it. Now I’m with you OP. I’m going to need to see and believe in a rushing attack before I’m not critically concerned about our wideouts.


Not too concerned about the WR position. Like one of the above posters stated we will be using a lot of 2 TE sets which kind of negates the need for great depth at the WR position. Will be dink and dunk with an option for Stafford to switch it up at the line if he sees a good matchup in the outside.

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You have to stretch the field no matter what O you are running. If you can’t do that dink and dunk gets caught up with 8 in the box and knocking guys off their routes and plugging the running game.

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You stretch the field when they start loading the box…no one said we won’t ever do it. We’re just going to try and force it like we’ve tried to do time and time again.


Yep. Control the clock, bait them into playing up tight, then take 'em deep.

I feel we’ve assembled a great run-stopping DL, and will be bringing heat from multiple places. Our D will help us win the battle of field position more often than not. Combine that with a mostly pounding offense, and we could potentially wear teams down on both sides of the ball.

Tough guy football in Detroit. Love the sounds of it, and think it’s coming.

Staffords completion rate drops and int’s go up on anything over 20 yards. If I were an opposing D that’s exactly what I would try and force.

That happens to most QBs so I’m not sure I condemn Stafford totally for that. Teams reasonably fear Stafford’s arm… when he’s “on”.

Then I read this article. Yikes.

Notice Bevell has said “more shots downfield”

I’m going to reserve judgment on Stafford in the new offense until he actually steps out on the field and plays. I’m optimistic for the time being as it’s all we really have to cling onto as a lions fan.

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Let’s not forget he was playing with a broken back.
Tough guy football has been in Detroit. Now, they may have a “team” around him!

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When did that happen? December? Let’s not forget to examine the significance of evidence. Maybe we could sort out those games with the broken back and see what it looks like?

Broken back isn’t as big a factor as playing behind the OL he did…with the OC he did.

biggest difference in Mathew’s production will be the cause of the OC. A real NFL caliber offensive coordinator should help. Possibly some people getting all “pissy pants” early, as I DO expect growing pains with learning a new offense.

Our O should start to shape up mid season, the way our D did last year. Should be a solid 9-10 win season.

I think this is the best chance for us to win the NFC North in quite a while.


Me too. Being built to win the division, which is something I really haven’t seen discussed in here.

Ball control offense, with a stout, run-stopping D. I feel like we will be bringing heat from everywhere, and very unpredictable on Defense. Also feels like they’re attempting to bring in playmakers. Look for us to do WAY better in turnover ratio this year.

I feel like we’re being built to get into division slugfests with division opponents. Looking forward to winning some ugly football games. LOL.

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Certainly didn’t help that Jones got injured week 9. Here’s a PFF article on him that just published yesterday


I imagine this is true for the vast majority of QBs?

Also, I like the overall idea of a run heavy offense. If Matty was gonna pick this club up and carry them to a SB, he’d have done it by now, 9 seasons…

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Yeah, there’s worse QB’s that have got it done but they were on better teams and that…we have lacked forever. If we look at last year as an anomaly, Staffords completion % might not be much different than the rest of the league but the int’s were. Caldwell reigned him in to play as mistake free as he could and just keep it close. Then the late drives became the story. We saw none of that last year. I’m all for a run heavy team but I think we’re going to still need to improve the OL and WR depth.

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The offense scored 324 points last year.

In 2007, we scored 346. In what way was the “team” better in 2007 than in 2018?

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