Mr. Under Appreciated

I get the sense that St Brown, and the season he is having is greatly under appreciated. I bet most don’t realize some of the numbers he has been putting up.

Three straight 100 yard games and 100+ in 5 of 7.

At his current YPG average, he is on pace for 1,520 receiving yards and 130 receptions despite missing a game.

I don’t think the question is whether he is a top 10 WR anymore but a top 5 WR.


It’s to the point now where I just expect him to get 8 to 10 catches every game. When he doesn’t it’s a surprise.


He gets over 100 yards every game and a lot of the time I don’t even notice. Not that I don’t appreciate what he does but he is just such a consistent threat you almost forget about what he’s contributing every game. And he’s been getting over 100 yards and 8-10 receptions every game. He is playing at an elite level for sure.


Mr. Under Appreciated going to be talking to Brad Holmes this offseason…

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I don’t think he’s underappreciated. I think he’s just so consistent that we don’t blink at his business-as-usual performances. It’s almost expected now as a given.

Think about it like this. When he drops a pass, we don’t scream and yell and bitch. We just get that “head-cocked-to-the-side-confused” look like how a dog looks at you when you’re singing happy birthday to him and he has no idea what on Earth your silly ass is doing.

If we’re talking catch ability, block ability, drive, character, passion, work ethic etc etc - just overall intangibles of a guy you want on your team - he’s in my Top 5 WR.


Totally disagree here.
I’ve been noticing for over a year that he’s one the best WR’s to ever wear a Lions uniform, and we’ve had some pretty good ones!!


I think we’ve all just accepted that he is a Super Star and it’s just another game for him.
I’m pretty sure he knows he’s one of the most beloved sports personalities in Michigan.


In my humble opinion, he might be second only to Dan Campbell.


It really is a matter of being on the same team as jack fox. You can get overlooked while ppl are recognizing his greatness.


i din’t think that I would trade him for any other WR in the game today. Not Hill, not Kupp. Jefferson? Chase? I’d at least think about it. Adams,- no. Diggs - no. Love what Ra brings off the field as a person.


I wouldn’t even trade him for Calvin. He has a much more useful skillset that keeps drives moving and puts points on the board. You really only do jump balls in the end zone in desperation time. Highlight reel losses don’t do it for me.


Alright you’ve got the #2OA pick and CJ and ARSB are on the board? As great as ARSB is I can’t bypass Calvin. I just can’t do it.


ARSB is great but Calvin made defenses shit themselves. There is only 1 Megatron.


Oh brother

And oddly, Ra is more handsome despite similar hairstyles.

Let me offer up a take sure to be unpopular.

ARSB is an excellent receiver - and about as likable as it gets. The fact that he was drafted in the 4th round only makes his story better.

But top-5 WR? As good as or better than CJ? C’mon now.

ARSB gets open and catches the ball as well as anyone. He moves the chains. But he’s not a game breaker by any means. Truth is that his 44-yard catch-and-run against Vegas was an aberration. How often have we seen him turn the corner on a defender like he did on that play? He simply doesn’t have the speed (e.g., Tyreek) or wiggle (Kupp) to turn small gains into large ones with anything approaching regularity.

He doesn’t begin to compare to Calvin Johnson as playmaker.

And, IMO, he’s a full notch below guys like Jefferson, Hill, Chase, Adams, and Kupp. It’s fine to point to the number of 100+yd games he has, but as he said himself, if you get 19 targets - as he did against Baltimore - you danged well ought to get 100+. 13 catches? Great. 13 for 102. Meh. 12 catches against Tampa? Great. 12 for 124? Meh.

He’s a pint-sized tight end. A very, very good one. But I can’t put him in the same class as the top WRs in the game, much less in the Calvin Johnson greatness tier.


Agreed. Now imagine Megatron and St. Brown on the same field in their primes.

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I prefer Barry. Hahaha. Him with this system, OL, and coaches???


Yeah but come on man, Calvin is no MegaRa :wink:

Totally get your point. BUT…

…what i will say though about greatness or being a superstar, is that when other teams know you’re getting the ball and they still can’t stop you, then this guy is more than a pint-sized TE and perhaps he should be considered as a top WR.

Wes Welker and Julien Edleman moved those sticks when the chips were down time and time again when other teams knew where that ball was going and helped those Patriot teams win SBs! Without those two guys that never happens. They are probably the same size as ARSB with perhaps the same physical measurables but their attention to detail, fearlessness and drive are off the charts.

The lions don’t have a deep threat (yet) to pair this guy up with. They didn’t have a TE until La Porta got here this year. The OL is injured half the time. Opponents know Goff is going to ARSB and they still can’t stop the guy. For me, that makes him an absolute playmaker TOP wr in the league.

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