My Coach Can Beat Up Your Coach

Got this from a POD podcast — thought it was funny to think about …

If the Lions 2022 season had head coaches go against each other in cage matches, what would the Lions 2022 record be? :grinning:

Who might beat Dan Campbell?
Who would Campbell destroy and in how many seconds?

Tag team match — who’s Dans partner?

In this corner …!!! :crazy_face:

Vrabel’s the only one with a chance against MCDC. Maybe Salah but I doubt it. Tomlin strikes me as the sort of guy you don’t want to mess with either, but he’d really be at a disadvantage size wise.

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On the flip side there’s a lot of guys MCDC would absolutely murder. LaFleur would be heaped within seconds. Mike McDaniel too. A lot of out-of-shape dudes like McCarthy, Daboll, Reid, Hackett, etc… Pete Carroll seems like the sort of psycho who would come after you with a broken bottle.

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In his hay day Marinelli would put up a good fight.

Unless someone has fairly extensive training in a martial art, Coach Dan would mop up with these dudes.

His axe is sharp

Dan’s chin looks like it could take a punch.

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It’s funny how a man’s physique can still matter, even in a role where strength is not really required for the job.

I remember more than one player getting quoted about how it was motivating for them. If your ‘old man’ coach can be ripped, you don’t have much of an excuse to slack in the weight room. And just from an attitude/drive perspective… It seems to make the players respect him more.

MCDC vs The Schwartz… I’d take MCDC


Bro, if you could clone Jim Shorts 15 times and Coach Dan could kick all 15 of their asses at once.

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Just…just maybe…



Ditka → no chance. Lacks the athleticism.
Cowher is DC…only a foot smaller (that’s what she said).

Ah, but, how about Jim Harbaugh?
I still have Dan.

j o k e

Coach Dan could smoke the Harbaugh brothers at the same time.

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Where can I get a Bill Cowher Pez dispenser?


I can’t think of another coach that’d give Campbell a good go

How hilarious would Andy Reid vs Mike McCarthy be? :crazy_face:

That’d be phat!!


Dan would pick up Salah with one hand and use his now lifeless corpse to beat Tomlin into a coma.

That’s how that would go.

Dan probably likes Tomlin though, so there’s a chance he allows him to retreat out of respect.

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