My Draft Take

Most will not like pick 1B, but we need a stud back up that we can groom. I’d love to sit him for a couple years, but if an injury was to happen, I want us to have a chance to continue winning.
Pick 1A- BPA between DT, Edge, or Corner
Pick 1B- AR15 if he’s on the board.
Pick 2A BPA Defense
Pick 2B BPA running back
Pick 3 BPA Linebacker
From thee we need O-Line, Safety, WR, another CB.

While I wouldn’t like it, it wouldn’t totally shock me to take Richardson there. I’m pretty sure we’ve spent a lot of time on him, and as you say we are a good place for him to go.


I dont think you are that far off base.

1A: DT
1B: Edge
2A: BPA defense (LB)
3 : BPA (WR - RB)

Free agency will obviously affect the draft, as well as the Rams fortunes over the next 4 weeks, so there is no point getting too worked up about anything at this point.

I like that we are finally close to being in a position to go BPA with some higher picks.


I think we will lean defense, but shit if there is a stud on the board and Holmes thinks he’s a game changer I’m open to almost any position, maybe not tight end, haha. Just keeping adding the best talent you can find and eventually the roster will be flooded with talent. So far, so good with his 1st 2 drafts.


So true. Holmes is much more a BPA guy than a position sniper


I love AR 15


Although I don’t know a ton about him, I would much rather go with AR than a CB in the first. We already did the first round CB thing recently, and results are definitely still TBD.

No trades.

1A. Carter…then Anderson if available or Ringo
1B. Bresee if Carter was gone. If we get Carter stick with D, CB.
2A. Best OG on the board, looking for a “Plug and Play” talent.
2B. LB, looking for a coverage guy here so as much as I love Campbell, not what I’m looking for.
3. Safety…Need another ball hawk, Kerby in the 3rd last season, we need that again.
5. My boy, Charlie ■■■■■■■ Jones
6A. Deuce Vaughn, he might only be 5"6" in heels but he can line up in the backfield and then play slot. Good luck finding any injury concerns, he’s come out of games but he plays them all. Look up Deuce Vaughn breaks ankles, it will show a TCU player put on his butt trying to tackle him.
6B. Bo Nix or Jaren Hall

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Bijan Anderson is a bigger need then ar15.


Does anyone compare AR15 to Prescott? Always looking downfield, scans quickly, looks off defenders, quick release.


The only problem with that is the Lions will be picking in the 20s. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


1- DE- Anderson

1b- DT- Bresee

2- CB- Devon Witherspoon

2B- LB- Drew Sanders

3- QB- Bo Nix


Mine are simple, No QB & no TE. Unless its a third day gift.

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and then skips the ball across the turf into his WRs waiting ankles.

Watched the UF vs FSU game, he is gifted athletically and has a cannon, but not accurate (missed so many open WRs on short and intermediate throws), didn’t set his feet, no touch - everything was a rocket. That said, it could also be coaching because Florida was the most undiscipline team I have seen in a long time.


A 53% passer with a 17 TD to 9 Int is who you want to spend a 1st round pick on?

marlon wayans no GIF by NBC


No but im starting to like the idea of drafting the STUD OG from his line…


It’s deeper then that. It’s the intangibles. It’s his untapped talent and his coachability. And how frankly he has progressed dramatically w every game. If you just look at the stats then your only seeing half the picture. AR15 is tantalizing for a reason. Not saying the lions should draft him but he is the qb you take the risk on in this draft….


1a. CB Kelee Ringo or Joey Porter
1b. RB Binji Robinson
2a. DT/DE Tuli Tuipulotu
2b. LB Noah Sewell or Demarivn Overshown
3. TE Darnell Washington or Sam Laporta
5. QB Bo Nix
6. CB Garrett Williams
6. OL Kirkland

I would be surprised if Washington is still there when the Lions pick in the 3rd.

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