My Favorite Take-a-way from the KC game

Out with the old and in with the new. Last year I went to Detroit to see the Seattle game and you know what I didn’t see? I didn’t see a single Goff jersey. I’m sure there were some, I just didn’t see any. What I did see was a shitload of people wearing jerseys of retired players or players no longer with the Lions. Not Thursday, in fact there were not just Goff people but rookie jerseys, lots of them. Sure, you still saw the Sanders jerseys, but fans believe in the here and now and man it showed up with how many were at the game too. They’re an inspiration for us and we were an inspiration for them. The past has finally become the past.


What was it like in KC? Looked amazing on the screen . . .

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Loud, their fans were loud. It was tough to get plays off, they made a difference. It’s EXACTLY what we need at our home games.


Yet, there was only one “mental” error penalty–a false start by Ragnow.

The two major penalties were “physical” errors–Sutton’s PI (which was obvious–he got there too soon), and tripping by Montgomery.


Arrowhead is insanely loud. First off, there are 20k more of them then at Ford Field, but KC fans also take a huge measure of personal pride by making as much noise as possible. It’s a culture thing for here.

I never got to go to a game at the Silverdome but heard it on tv. I do remember the Barry 2k game where they had to stop the game twice because of “excessive noise”. I still think that was BS. The Silverdome and Arrowhead are the only 2 stadiums I can remember that happening.

I know KC and Seattle are supposed to be the 2 loudest stadiums. I also know Seattle created some man made help by purposely designing their stadium to hold in sound and amplify it. I also remember that when Ford Field was built, they wanted it to be a better venue for concerts and they designed the acoustics accordingly and have sound dampeners so its a better concert experience and in my opinion a worse football one.

I am hoping that after a good chunk of Detroiters saw how KC fans handle games, they take that back to FF with them. I also know that as the wins pile up and everyone sees something special is happening, that place is going to erupt. I am already primed for the Seattle game to hear those fans welcome the 1-0 Lions in.

Side rant, because I have to say it. The number 3 cards have to go. That is the stupidest, most childish thing I’ve seen at a football game. Holding a 3 sign does nothing to scare any team. Yell, scream, clap, stomp, pound chairs and the walls, but leave the stupid 3 signs out of it. We already know what down it is…


Great post. Thanks for that contribution man.

Good luck getting jack fox fans to let go of that tradition

No! The ref said, “everyone except Rags”.
That was the most hilarious thing I ever remember seeing in an NFL game.
We love you, Rags. We’ll probably never let you live it down, though.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Here’s another take away, I hope JG has seen.

I understand the point OP was making. But at the same time it warmed my heart when I saw Barry, Calvin and even some Spielman jersey’s at the game. Maybe I would feel different if it was a home game.

The cynical side of me LOVED seeing the number of 87 jersey’s on Chiefs fans. I swear there were more Kelce jersey’s than Mahomes jersey’s on my journey thru the parking lot and into the stadium. It was a deflating injury, and the villain in me enjoyed it.

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