My mock draft 2.0

No trades

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I like the first two picks a lot, we differ after that. Positions I like not the guys though where you got them

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No safety?

Like whom.

There was nothing really left.

Avila and both Williams

Late round I like Stetson Bennett or Tune and LB I like Dee Winters or Miller James Houston old teammate

I could totally see a draft like this. I honestly don’t know anything about the safeties in this draft.

I Personally like branch and JL skinner but wouldn’t be mad and can totally see a draft like this.

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We needed a guard, and i think he is the best in class

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I could’ve taken branch. I wanted to build the up four

I liked his teammate Beebe better

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Don’t like pick two Branch is a starter as slot CB an yes I know we added in FAs Its about depth of quality an your second rd pick doesn’t add to that.

He will get absorbed by OL due to his short arms. He will make some splash plays with his get off but not many He is Not another Donald let media play like they know he is.