My pick for the lions -eagles game

i think parcells was the owner of this saying–“even the sun shines once in a while on the ugly mutt on the block”—so i predict the lions 24 --eagles 20 we stay some what undefeated-----please GOD—let this happen


Not probable, not improbable
Excellent opportunity for the Lions to show they got something this year
Should be an entertaining game

Would go a long way to erase that AZ game. It would also put them in the position that if they split the 2 games after, they would be almost expected to be at least a wildcard team.

I’m getting more optimistic by the minute

For once, the injury bug is our friend.

I’d gladly be nibbling on crow and changing my tune if Patricia has us ready to come out and beat a playoff team from last year at their place.

I remember a few years under Millen when teams would sit some of their good players vs us with injuries they would have played with if it was a “real” game. But since it was just the Lions, they rested them and beat the crap out of us anyways.

We’re kind of in a lose-lose situation.

If we lose, we’re still losers.

If we win, we only beat them because they’re all banged up.

I think we need to curb stomp them. Injure more of their players. (through hard play, not intentional behavior)

But, but that would make Philly fan cry.

Still better for them then what they do when they win…

If We win, there is no lose. Doesn’t matter who doesn’t play for Philly…

I was confident last week, and I’m feeling the same this week when looking at the matchup. But this week I keep reminding myself that this is the Lions. Can they really start 2-0-1 with two playoff opponents and road games.

Yes! Them boys gonna eat up a dubya!

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