My qb prediction

Where i think they go if they dont stick with their teams

Lamar Jackson to the NY Jets

Tom Brady Miami Dolphins

Aaron Rodgers LV Raiders

If Tua can still play he ends up in a trade sign with Brady

If that’s how it plays then I have Carr going to the Commanders and Jimmy G staying with the 49ers.

The 49ers have Purdy and Lance on cheap rookie deals. No way do they keep Jimmy G as well.


Jimmy G will be a Jet


Jimmy G only makes sense in SF. His injury history says that he makes a great backup, a player who can walk right in and the team can feel confident that they are still in it. I actually believe that Trey should be moved. Cut your loses and get what you can. If you count on Jimmy G to be your starter it may be the last decision you make.

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My crystal ball is suspect. But here we go:

Lamar Jackson to the Texans for an insane amount of money.

Tom Brady (if Tua can still play) to the Jets for a very short deal (1-2 years) . Otherwise I like your Miami prediction.

Rodgers to the Raiders makes too much sense. I would like to see that. Carr to the Commandos if that happens.

The Ghost of Russel Wilson remains in Denver but looks better in 2023. They still do not make the playoffs.

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Dolphins stick with Tua but bring in Jimmy G as insurance.

Brady to the Raiders.

Lamar to the Falcons.

Rodgers stays with the green babies

Carr to the Jets.

Baker stays on with LA as backup.

Matt Ryan to Carolina as rookie bridge.

Lamar gets tagged or a new contract. Either way he’s staying in BAL.

Carr goes to the NYJ.

Jimmy G. to LVR

Smith stays in SEA

Jones stays in NYG

Tua stays in MIA but I think they add a veteran backup behind him as insurance. Brady could end up here but only if TUA is sent packing.

Brady goes to TEN and Tanni is out.

Tannehill signs with Indy and Matt Ryan probably retires but I could see Kyle Shannahan convincing Matt R. to come to SF as a backup but I think he retires and SF roles with Lance and Purdy.

Rodgers stays in GB.

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Pretty much 100% agree. Shakeups are fun to think about, but most of the time, players and teams make noise as part of negotiations and then everybody agrees to stay where they are. So yeah, I think Lamar, Rodgers, Geno and Daniel Jones all end up re-signing.

Brady to TEN I hadn’t considered, but it absolutely makes sense (assuming he’s still too stubborn to retire, which he really, really should).

I think Tua ultimately retires. Just hard to see how you navigate the risks of him continuing.

Jimmy G makes more sense for the Jets than Carr, IMO. He’s a better fit, more proven, and has (I assume) a relationship with Saleh. Carr could maybe be an OK starter somewhere, but he looks more like a top-tier backup QB/placeholder to me. Not sure where he ends up (Miami?), but I don’t think throwing him into the hornet’s nest of NYC would work out well.

Theres a similar thread with an all 32 list, but here are my thoughts on the teams w QB questions, and there are a few.

WSH- They are young enough to actually mean what they said, which is they are sold on Sam Howell. Ron Rivera however, has not a lot of leash left and needs faster results. Also, they are lying about Howell. They aren’t super cap happy, so they need a reasonable cost guy that is startable and possibly The Answer. To me, that’s Jameis. He dials in fast or Howell snatches his nuts like dice. They want better than Jameis, but hey I want to be 6’3"

Tampa- Team built to still win now. Cap issues. Bad combo. Trask isn’t going to be the guy, at least out of the gate. Tannehill is an affordable bridge guy that can still move a bit, helpful because that OL isn’t the best.

CAR- Darnold gets the nod as he showed up, but they can’t trust him, and move up a little(possibly w us) to grab Levis, who sits most or all the year.

ATL- It’s Ridder. They could look into Wentz as an insurance policy, but probably more like Haenicke

SEA-They re-sign Geno, but he is old. 35! Wow. They draft Richardson to groom .

ARZ- Baker is the perfect bridge…1 year platform opportunity and he is short enough to keep your receivers used to a low release point coming out of the pocket until GameBoy comes back.

TEN- Carr. He’d like a sexier landing spot, but its actually similar to where he left, just not all effed up roster and owner wise.

Indy- Stroud and add a insurance vet if Foles is a FA, not sure about his status

HOU- Young

MIA-Adds Wentz as Not a Concussion insurance.

NYJ- Brady- Big market, east coast, great D young skill talent. Remind you of a team he used to play for?

Vegas- Jimmy G. They’d like Brady, but Tom can smell a fraud organization a mile aw…oh waitaminute, he can’t.

BLT- Lamar, but only after a tag, a holdout, a formal duel with a brace of pistols and a Twitter slap contest.

I dont have Ryan… Ryan may retire?

He’s going to haunt them for years.


“Bronco’s Country, Let’s Ride”

The Vrabel connection might be enough to lure him there. Having Henry to hand off to doesn’t hurt. I really think it comes down to who they hire to be OC.

Vrabel asked permission to interview Nagy and Bieniemy and either of those guys could entice Brady.

I do not think Brady hangs it up and I think MIA and TEN are his most likely landing spots.


Brady goes to a weak division. That makes sense


…but what happens when Malik Willis beats Brady out?

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Going to be very interesting to see who takes that head coaching job knowing they get to ride with Russ and his massive contract.


He was just roasted on one of the NFLN morning shows this weekend. It wasn’t GMFB, but I’m not sure which show it was. I tried finding it. The gal was acting like she was in the booth communicating to the players at the podium. Her telling him not to do it again, just for him to keep doing it (saying Bronco’s Country, Let’s Ride"), was funnier than crap. It was a pretty funny skit to be on the mother ship’s network.


Potential Head coaching interviews in Denver…

John Elway - Where do you see Russel Wilson fitting into the plans next season?

Head coaching candidate - I see Russ riding the pine next season and us finding a new QB.

John Elway - Thx for coming in. Next.

That place is a wreck for as long as Wilson is there.