My roster predictions heading into cut day on Saturday


QB: 2, Stafford and Daniel. I think they need Blough’s spot for an extra RB. It’s doubtful to me that he would be poached until maybe later in the season, cuz there’s no PS game tape on him.

RB: 5, Swift, KeJo, Scarbrough, Ty Johnson, and Cabinda. Huntley to the PS, maybe as a protected player. It’s possible they replace Ty Johnson with him though. But they gotta go with at least 5.

WR: 6, Golladay, MJones, Amendola, Hall, Cephus, and Agnew. If Huntley was a good PR guy then he might take Agnew’s place, but he ain’t. Not yet anyway.

TE: 3, Hock, JJ, and Nauta. Here’s another dilemna of sorts. Do they like Nauta enough as an FB over Cabinda? If they did then Nauta would be their FB, Cabinda would be out, and Huntlley would make the roster.

OL: 9, Decker, Dahl, Ragnow, Jackson, and Big V as your 5 starters, plus Crosby, Wiggins, Beau Ben, and Stenberg. Skipper to the PS, you might want to have a 4th OT around.


DL: 8, Trey Flowers, Danny Shelton, Da’Shawn Hand, Nick Williams, Romeo Okwara, Julian Okwara, John Penisini, and Kevin Strong. Austin Bryant is on the PUP and stays that way.

LB: 6, Jamie Collins, Jarrad Davis, Jahlani Tavai, Christian Jones, Reggie Ragland, Jalen Reeves-Maybin. They might keep 'Brew for ST though.

CB: 7, Desmond Trufant, Jeff Okudah, Amani Oruwariye, Mike Ford, Darryl Roberts, Tony McRae, and Dee Virgin.

Safety: 4, Walker, Harmon, Harris, and CJ Moore. Kearse is suspended for the 1st 3 games, what happens when he comes back? Does he come back at all, maybe he doesn’t. Are Moore, Virgin, and 'Brew so good on ST that the Lions keep all 3? Maybe it’s Harris that gets cut, or Mike Ford. But for now, I have 'em all on the roster.


We hit this up in another thread but I’m leaning towards is keeping three QBs…

Due to the COVID-19 rules…

So - if we keep three, which other players is cut off the final roster for opening day game?!

This roster is pretty deep huh?

Wish we had more frontline talent, but I can’t remember a roster this deep for the Lions ever.


Here’s mine. I’m not confident in Cabinda not making the squad. I’m also not confident in Matt Nelson making it. Our PS can be 16 players this year, I believe. And with the rules regarding using PS players, I do believe we’re going stash a few Offensive Linemen on the PS, as will most of the league.

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God I hate you for putting Scarborough on there. :joy:

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I think Kearse has a spot after he serves his suspension. Probably plays some significant snaps when he comes back to.

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Maybe that’s where Cabinda goes. That last RB spot and the 8th OL are the two guesses I’m least comfortable with on the whole sheet.

Yeah, I’m quite certain he’s in their plans when he comes off the suspended list. Probably at Killebrew’s expense, if I were to guess.

Hoping Huntley finds a way to stand out and make it big

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Can’t the Lions put Blough on the PS and use one of the “protected” spots on him?

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I think we’ve all made more of the PS rules (including myself) than they really are. Here’s a couple highlights:

  • Each Tuesday at 4 p.m. during the season, a team may designate four players as “protected.’’ Those four cannot be signed by another team that week. The protected players return to practice-squad status the day after the game.
  • The above tidbit in mind, all 16 practice squad players will be vulnerable to another team’s “poach’’ attempt for less than two days.
  • A team may elevate two players to the active roster 90 minutes before kickoff. Each player can be elevated a maximum of two times during the season, but not on consecutive weeks. That essentially means a team’s game-day active roster could be either 54 or 55.

That last one is news to me. I fashioned my 53-man roster with the assumption that we could stash a Wiggins on PS and then call him up whenever we want. Since it’s a maximum of 2 times, then that means we can’t use the PS to park a fringe vet. Really, this changes everything and I’ll update my 53-man projection to reflect that.

your kind of hard on a guy that started 5 games out of 6 in 2019 , and the guy got 377 yards rushing and got a TD , with a 4.2 YPC . the man can’t seem to catch yet Bo played very little to.

I hear you Cub. It’s mostly just become a joke to me at this point. I was just kidding around with LB. :blush:

Lions might not be happy with Scarborough’s lack of availability.

Tom Pelissero


From the transaction wire: The #Lions are bringing in former #Texans RB D’Onta Foreman for a tryout The #Seahawks are bringing in C Justin Britt (again) and DE Damontre Moore for tryouts

Aaron Wilson


Lions working out former Texans running back D’Onta Foreman


He previously worked out for Colts

see, this I didn’t know, but it’s interesting that KJ got 24 more yards than BO and off 44 more attempts.-2 more TD’s (3) to Bo’s 1.

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A few things to keep in mind,
a) A teams active roster on gameday is 46 not 53. No that does not include the 2 practice squad guys they can move up, but to increase that number to 48 they need to have at least 8 OLineman in that 48 group. Other wise they can only have 1 extra player (47) on the game day roster.
b) if a player is moved up from the practice squad the player then either becomes a FA or is waived , dependent on whether they are vets or not, after the game. Since the protected player thing ends after the game also, it means that we could see a lot of moves on PS every week.
c) PS squad guys are always vulnerable to another team’s poach , minus the 4 protected ones, all the time. The only consideration is that the team that picks them up has to sign them to the active 53 that week.

Also just to clarify those 2 call-ups until the end of the season. Which includes playoff/SB games. It will be interesting to see if whomever makes it to the SB calls a couple of guys up for the big game.

ok - thanks but now I am confused!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Foreman had a torn bicep last year and a torn Achilles before that. FYI.

I might be reading a couple of your lines wrong, so I’m going to re-state some of those. Let me know if I’m wrong…

I’ll cut and paste from an article:
“It is not mandatory to temporarily elevate players from the practice squad each week, and actually, teams will have to be judicious in their usage of this roster tool. You can elevate a player for a game and safely return them to the practice squad twice, but if you elevate that same player for a third time, he must go through waivers before he can be added back to the practice squad again.”

“…game day rosters were expanded from 46 players to 48 this season, but each team must have eight active offensive linemen.”

As an aside, I guess this means we’ll soon learn what jersey numbers Okudah and Swift will be rocking as young Lions.

Wonder why we don’t know that, already?