My take on the Seattle loss

Well, rather on how the loss made me feel.

Before the loss, I admitted to friends and family that this was the most optimistic I’ve felt about the Lions in MANY years. However, being a " true" Lions fan (read:cynic) I thought they would play great for a few games and then Stafford would break a leg or some other important cog would be lost for the season.

But this being the Lions they always find a way to lose that you don’t expect and I truly didn’t expect them to lose by just standing around waiting for someone to hand them the win.

Well, I tried on the optimistic crown for a week, and it turns out it just itches too much. I’m going back to being the grumpy Smurf, whatever the heck his name was. At least for now, lol.

Yeah, I think we’ve all learned you can’t get too excited or too down in the dumps anymore. I watch the games half-heartedly and have learned to watch without much emotion.

It’s amazing that a few weeks ago we had the #1 pass defense and then give-up a perfect passer rating to Russell Wilson and some no-name WR’s…oh and allowed a no-name RB to rush for 100 yards all with our new #1 rush DT.

This is an odd, odd year to say the least…which is actually saying a lot for the Lions.
Not sure what to even think of this team right now.

The loss made me regret buying tickets and be going to the game this weekend again the Vikings.

But if you are in Minneapolis, hit me up! Love to party with other Lions fan.

I was cautiously optimistic. I threw a party for the game as I’m in Seahawks country here in Oregon. Started off hot then Russell Wilson did his thing. The way he buys time with his legs is just insane. I can’t say I’m surprised to the way it turned out. I’ve seen him do that several times before. When he can keep his throws to around 20-25 times per game their odds of winning go way up.

I’ve learned I have to hate the Lions for them to win…and the universe knows when I’m yanking it’s chain.
You see, after the Snacks trade, I got sucked in.
Seattle was my fault.

We got Harrison and I felt the nibble. Game time arrived and I was getting chills. Defense stopped Seattle and I was quivering, We scored and I was almost there. Then, like a dirty little tease, the Lions got up, put their clothes back on and left the room…

On our Facebook Group, @Adrian and @Notfishnsunday teased me endlessly for believing in the team again. Hell, I believed in them so much before Seattle that I brought my wife and son to see the game in the lower level. Three hours later, I was shaking my head and feeling like I’d been had.

But damn if something still feels a bit different about this team, or perhaps it’s this franchise. Even after the loss to the Seattle, and after trading Tate. I’m going to give them enough slack to hang me with …

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SEA played an amazing game. All three TD passes were covered well but the accuracy by RW was insane. Everyone of their risks payed off. SEA brought their A game which was clearly better than our C game. We have an A game too though but we’ll need it every week now.

That’s a good point. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook that maybe the other team was just better on that day. The Jets loss? 9/10 we destroy them. Same with San Fran. But Seattle straight brought it; the only thing that bothered me is that in-person, it looked like we were beat after the first half. The Lions knew Seattle wasn’t slowing down, so they recoiled instead of punching back.

It is different. I can definitely see the calculated moves to get better. It’s not just praying or throwing darts anymore like it was with Millen and or Mayhew. It’s using science, data, and a system combined with real professional decisions.

Nate, just keep fighting it, bro! You’re in among friends here.
Hi, I’m Ron, and I’m a Lions fan.

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