My thoughts. I'm actually calm about everything

Well. Somehow I am pretty calm right now. But just wanted to put out what I thought about some players/coaches/plays

Goff- Had a decent game. Deserves to get paid, but I’d be lying if I didn’t think he needs to be better in the biggest moments for us. Not his fault Reynolds can’t catch, but he missed some easy throws. Also a bit concerned with how short his throw to Reynolds was on the flea flicker. Easy TD, and he comes up about 20 yards short. On the last 4th down throw to ARSB, while rolling out, he threw that one well short too. Definitely struggles with any pass to our RBs too. That was all season. Love the guy. Was critical of him at times this year. Want to resign him. But He could’ve been better today too. That dime to Jamo was Sweeeet.

Gibbs- Rookie moment. Most of us hated the pick. Guy would’ve easily been a top candidate for ROTY if this wasn’t as amazing a draft class as it was. Hate that it happened, but man, I am excited to see the future for this guy. Legitimate superstar.

Reynolds- This one may be an overreaction, or even harsh. He definitely had some clutch moments for us this year. 2 back breaking drops tonight. But what pissed me off even more was him laughing on the sideline after the 1st one. Maybe his way of handling it, or blowing it off. But I was pretty hot when I saw that.

OLine- Crushed it! Awosika looked like a keeper tonight. I didn’t want to pay Jonah anyways. May have made that a bit easier.

Jamo- Love this guy. Always plays all out. Best game of his career tonight. A true weapon. Hopefully the next OC utilizes him more. Getting a lot of heat for not making a really tough catch. The TD grab was amazing. He also saved Goff an INT.

Monty/ARSB/SLP- Foundational pieces. All played amazing. We’ve just gotten used to it. Monty is clearly one of our best FA signings in franchise history.

CJGJ- Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Chirped all week. Felt the need to get revenge on his beef with Deebo and cost us 15. Zero chance I bring him back.

Sutton- This guy was garbage all year. Wasn’t terrible tonight, outside of missing a really simple tackle that would’ve pushed SF way back.

Rest of the defense- I don’t think anyone stood out in a good way. Too many missed tackles. Purdy was gashing them. Was a really bad half of football for the whole group. I want to blame AG, as he does a terrible job overall, but these guys didn’t execute anything all night.

MCDC- Best coach we’ve ever had. Stay aggressive, it got us this far. I don’t regret any of his calls. I do think if we have a real Kicker, he may take some of those. But the offense converts those a lot.

Ben- Love you. Good luck in Washington. Happy you are going a place where I can root for you, outside of Lion games. Could have lived without you outsmarting yourself on multiple occasions this year. He will continue to grow. He’ll be a good HC.

AG- Not sure I will ever care for him. Too stubborn. Even if something isn’t working, he is going to stick with it(Sutton on an island against #1 WRs)


Im on board with re-routing Jonah$+CD$+Mosely$=#1CB


Dude played shockingly well. Didn’t see a single mistake or pressure allowed. Impressive. Man. The way we were gashing SF in the first half run game, I just wish we’d had a few more run plays in the second half. That Gibbs fumble broke our back and let the crowd back into the game.


On defense, I thought McNeil and Pascal played well.

Everything else you said I agree 100%


Nice post.
We HAVE to be able to stop mobile QBs.
Purdy was OK in college, i think, but not much in the NFL. In the 2nd half … the Lions D blows against running QBs.


No problem keeping Sutton, Mosley and Ceedy depending on the price. If they want to break the bank on the FA market—good riddance. CBs are hard to replace and we’re thin as it is.

Unfortunately Sutton is with us next year, at around 11M I think

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I like Sutton…as a backup

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I am having a hard time with ppl defending Glenn. We’re definitely not perfect in terms of personnel. But we have a great and deep safety group, and a deep LB corp, and a decent D line with two really good players. We’re good against the run, but damn, if we’re gonna get torched in the passing game, at least give me consistent turnovers. You just can’t count on them to make plays. We are mostly weak at corner, but we are obnoxiously bad at masking that deficiency.

Our defense is worse than the sum of it’s personnel imo.

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I like him… To get our players water

I think the reality is he stays as a #2. We arent gonna add 2 new starting corners with the money we need to soend on extensions. They go CB rd 1 or big FA, but not both IMO

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I think we have to throw big money at somebody. We don’t have time to wait for a rookie to develop into a true number one.


It has been all 3 years, and I assume will continue to be for as long as AG is here. It’s clear as day that Campbell won’t fire AG, and nobody is going to promote him to HC unfortunately, so it feels to me the only real path forward is to load up the D with talent and hope AG can get out of the way. That’s really the only path.

If you look tonight - the Lions had Tracy Walker on the inactive list because they have so many safeties. They lost Barnes for part of the game and Rodrigo came in and immediately played like a legit starter. Like, this team had plenty of talent. Sure they can use some upgrades at Corner and on the DL, but we also knew that to start the season and then again at the deadline and choose to roll with it. So I mean great, you add a couple guys at those spots… but does that change giving up 27 straight points in the 2nd half? Does anyone feel the Lions defense is one player away from shutting good teams down? Just load up on talent and hope that’s good enough. Because AG is what he is

I saw him put multiple players in position to make plays and they didn’t and that’s why we lost.

Literal picks hitting dudes in their facemask and broken tackles

There isn’t a team in the NFL holding up with our corners

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Minus a couple of missed tackles I thought he played okay today

I’d understand the AG hate if there were plays where dudes were wide open running freely like Green Bay VS Dallas.

They are 3 guys away…and I think they can get them this offseason.

2 at least.


The fact that we’re this good with some of the worst starting CB play in the league is amazing. This is why I’m not willing to give up on AG. He showed major improvement this season and made the most out of the lack of talent in the secondary.

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If cutting Sutton saves us any money, you have to do it. He was absolute ass for the last 10 or so games. Not even decent, average, no - complete and utter ass.


I think just as importantly, they acquire someone on the D who can be a game changer. Like I don’t think adding a 6 sack DE in the offseason and “plugging that hole” on paper really alters this unit drastically. They need another dog or two on defense. I think they knew that which is why they signed CJGJ to be their turnover machine. I hope they move on from him but they need not just a small upgrade on paper but a couple guys who can force game changing plays either by intercepting the ball or getting to the QB.