My thoughts on whether or not we're "turning the corner"

Yeah, losing that game the way we did sucks. All the momentum we had comes to a halt, but here’s what I think.

If we are actually turning the corner, we’re going to win next week and pick all our momentum right back up. That’s where we’re going to see a change. Lions teams of old would hit a roadblock like this and then let failure snowball on them. If the leaders in this locker room make the choice to get back up and work their ass off this week in practice, and then kick ass on Sunday and WIN this game, then I think we will have turned the corner. Obviously, we can obvious turn the corner again and go back into oblivion, but so can everybody else.

Win next week, and we pick up where we left off.


How I see it was this game used to be a moral victory, but now the moral victory is coming back and winning next week.

That would be progress


Very well said. I do think we have turned the first corner which is progress.

Now we need to turn the next one.

Great effort by our Lions today. Tuff loss though to be sure.


We’re definitely turning the corner. 2 draft classes with guys being major contributors and building blocks. Winning on the road, against teams with winning records. Seems like players are developing.


This is fair.

Admit it. You think they’re going to kick the snot out of the Jags next week, don’t you?

I do. I wouldn’t want to play the Lions next week.


Yep these are young kids that are going to watch the film and see their mistakes, work hard and beat the jags down. These are the new kids in town. They finish out at 10-7


I don’t know about the 10 wins part. Personally, I think Minny is a tougher opponent than most here are giving them credit for.

But the more important thing is that they’re not looking like a SOL scrimmage team right now. They’re resilient as hell.

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biblical onslaught - that’s my guess


Hope you’re right. I will be great with 9.

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I read a blurb last week where supposedly an NFL plyer from another team stated that nobody likes playing the Lions now because they know they are in for a fist fight. Also said, when the talent gets upgraded that Detroit is gonna be a destination.
Never said who the player was supposed to be. But I believe someone probably did say that.


they should have said it bro.

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I read the thread in Twitter and concluded it wasn’t real.

You don’t need the quote. The looks on the Bills faces said all you need to know. They were in a battle.


I do believe the team has turned a corner but they need to get healthy and they need to do well in next year’s draft. Defense is improving but more d-line depth and a solid LB is needed.

If they get healthy
O-line will not be a problem as they were missing 4 of them today.
RB - Swift is not 100 percent. He is capable of more.
WR- so many injuries here and JAMO has yet to play a down.

So I’m optimistic for the future. It might be too late for this year to make the playoffs. IMO they can only have one more loss from this point to the end of the year for a chance at a wild card.

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I wish I could find the quote I read the other day that was supposedly from a division rival player. Basically it said the lions play hard and physical every week and that they didnt look forward to playing them again.

Lots of positives signs this year. Just hope to Keep seeing progress

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I said this in another thread. The 3 game winning streak and playing Buffalo tough until the end is nice but I’m not convinced that they’re “for real” or “turning a corner” until I see how they bounce back from this. Often times you see young teams get close in a big game lose a tough one and then crumble thereafter.

How they bounce back from this mentally will be very telling as to far they’ve actually come. I could easily see them losing to Jacksonville after being hungover from this loss and reading their own press clippings about how much improved they are.
If they can beat Jacksonville and finish the season strong (7-8 wins) then I’ll be much more convinced that they’ve taken that next step to relevancy but if they lose that game and crumble the rest of the season, they still got a ways to go. Could go either way IMO.


This times a million, well stated.

I feel like we’ve bounced. back from a ton of adversity a million times (that’s what the win streak was, IMO…bouncing back from adversity).

We’ll murder our next opponent.


I agree with those who think the Lions will stomp Jax next week
I’m actually a little shocked at how good they looked against the Bills
That defense was on fire. I think it was their best performance of the year — considering the opponent

This is no big test
1-6 was the big test

I think the trademark of good coaching is when a team plays their best ball after October. That clearly happened last year and is clearly happening this year. I expect that will be the case as long as Campbell is around.

My first thought at the end of this game was that Jax will enter a hornets nest next week

Buy your popcorn
It’s gonna be a fun watch

And they’ll cover the spread
Whatever it is!! :grinning:


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Vikings are soooo ducked