My trial tomorrow

Well my Den mates

I have been in litigation for three years today and I have a trial that starts tomorrow- felony charge that Carrie’s a min. Of 25 years

An acquittal should happen.

But, that fact the system allowed it to get this far keeps us concerned….

So! Prayers for Gods perfect mercy and Justin if you are into it….

If I suddenly stop posting here the Bastards won a case they shouldn’t have….

Funny that of all the thing I can now appreciate that much more deeply… my love had faith in Jesus and God and things like that… I appreciate you guys and a few gals here a lot!!

Regardless of the path, I love this place and you all make it that way!!


I’ll be pulling for you, bud.

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Keep us posted.

:pray: :pray:

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Not sure what’s going on, but I pray the Lord’s Will be done. I pray His will proves your innocence and we continue with Lions football. After all, our Super Bowl is in 2 months!


Hoping for the best brother!

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Not a time to be right or wrong, play the game. There are no principals, this is your life. Take care.


Praying. CJ1 is right. Play to win.


25 YEARS?!? holy shit dude

Yep - sucks….

Sitting in the court room awaiting it all to start……

Prayers if you got them!


Good luck man, wishing you all the best.

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I hope you walk out of that courtroom free and clear, buddy. Keep your chin up and let the lawyers work out the details.


Best of luck!!!

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My God is awesome…

They had to reschedule it last second, literally last second ….

A prosecutor quit the DAs office last week the the prosecutor on my case had to add it to her list and it took precedence. She was ordered to do this other case today over mine.

It’s serendipitous as not all my character witness could make it today…. I should have them all there next time…

Thank you all for the support! :+1::crazy_face::heart::pray::upside_down_face:


Sending strength and love, my bro. Good luck as well.
The universe is perfect! The truth will reveal itself,man. You’ve got this.

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Prayers sent man. Give everything to our Lord, he asks for our burdens.

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