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These are real contributors than tweeting charity

Yep this is great. Funny that Staffords wife is a nurse but she’s not working during this. But hey; they donated a few meals to people ( and Kelly of course had to seek recognition for it)The Staffords are the best!!! DK Metcalf donated $50k and he only made $800k last year. Stafford makes more than 800k per game.

The cult of Stafford will glorify their saviour for anything and everything … even though it’s less than what most others are doing.

Kelly could’ve died a year ago. Her decision is completely reasonable and doesn’t deserve any scorn.

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She’s pregnant, you dolt.


I didn’t realize. Thanks for pointing that out. My apologies… although the name calling is totally unnecessary.

Nobody knows what Stafford has donated. He’s not a publicity guy. I’m willing to bet it’s a lot more than we know about it. A lot of people are like that. But go ahead and just judge away. Lame if you ask me.

Yeah ok. If Stafford donated anything else Kelly would be on social media seeking recognition for it. You can argue it all you want but that’s who she is and what she does.

Stafford doing less than what most people are doing in his position. There’s nothing to debate. Kelly is an attention seeker and Stafford ( the highest paid player in history) isn’t as generous as rookies making $800k like Metcalf. It is what it is. You Stafford cult members will praise him for anything.

Had no idea she was a nurse.

I know she graduated. I don’t think she actually physically works. She probably just did it to feel she actually accomplished something.

Kelly Stafford put it out on social media so that the people who could benefit from it would be aware of it. You’re just making up a motive you have no clue about.

I know a lot of people who give big money away anonymously. We don’t know what Stafford does for charity. It’s so hypocritical to point to the people who are public identified with what they’re doing. You might almost say it was attention-seeking.

You have no direct knowledge of what Stafford is doing and using this thread to attack him is pathetic. We get it you don’t like him.

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Staffords announced they donated $100k. So there you have it. Pennies to them and an announcement. Staffords wouldn’t donate and not talk about it. That’s the reality, bud. He’s been here for 12 years… it’s obvious how he and his sidekick operate. You probably still believe in the Easter Bunny, too.

Stafford donates $100k and Brees donates $5 million. One is a HOFer on and off the field, while the other is just a guy, blessed with a big arm.

Cool story bud. Go cry your “I hate that Stafford is my QB” tears somewhere else and spare us the display.

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…(sniff sniff)…“why hate da Maffew and Kewwy soo much Iggy?”

How to find a dark lining in a silver cloud…


Iggy, I have to believe somewhere beneath that surface resides a kind, compassionate person who will someday show himself & the board will come to love. End of story.

Like you don’t do it every other thread Iggy?
That’s the pot calling the kettle black.

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Post under your real handle.

Take it like a man
You sure can dish it out …

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For the record, they did announce the $100k donation yes. They also made a $220k separate donation to fight this. The meals they are providing are also a separate bill. I only went back as far as 2015 (that’s all I needed to prove the bs of criticism ). In that time they have donated to 5 different high schools from entire computer labs to funding an entire remodel. They have started their own foundation. The rough estimate in just that time I can find by searching for 15min is well over $8mil… and that’s just from reported or estimated numbers.
Hate him, that’s fine. That’s your right and i’ll respect that. But don’t throw them under for not doing enough. How much of your own time, talent, and money have YOU spent to help others??

Why is that directed at me?