Nah... they should probably draft a qb

You know, despite being in the “Goff is good enough for now” camp, the Lions should probably spend a 1st on a qb.

Don’t go nuts. Get a prime defender. The new QB can sit a year. Goff’s contact is favorable.


If the Lions draft around 10 that means Stroud, Young and possibly Levis are gone. The wild card of course is if the Rams lose out

Assuming both picks are lower than top ten. Would you:

Trade up and lose the other first round pick?
Pick Hooker in the first?
Look for a mid round QB?

Depends on what the picks are…Could you include a player? A future pick?
There’s a lot I don’t understand, for sure.

Depends on what Brad sees, truthfully. How does he see Goff? How does he see the prospects?


Hooker is my guy. If I am taking a QB at all this draft he is the one. I think he should be available when the lions pick in the 2nd. I definitely do NOT trade up and lose picks. To be honest I probably would not draft a QB at all this draft. The only way I do is if Hooker is available with the 2nd round pick and there aren’t any defensive guys I like at that spot.



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I like Hooker as a prospect. There’s a little concern that he’s a one-read RPO system guy. But he sure has a pretty ball and throwing motion. I’d hesitate to take him with our first second round pick but in the middle of the second it becomes more palatable.

I sure hope we address cornerback early, defensive tackle early and look to add a linebacker who can cover

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Hey look, its another Goff thread !


I mean don’t get me wrong. I am not in love with Hooker but I like him better than the other prospects. In my perfect draft (given our new slots of 8 and 11) I am focusing on the same areas as you (CB, DT, LB, and if one I like is there a safety).

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Not tracking you here. Very sleep deprived so not firing on all cylinders.

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It’s just my lens of the world, but I think of women, when I think of hookers.
Dwight can’t believe Michael “came”
just having fun.

Disclaimer Not all of my jokes are funny, but I’m always swinging for the fences.

Definitely a safer strategy. No matter how sweet Hooker talks to you.


Wasn’t offended, I knew it was a joke just in my sleep deprived state couldn’t process. A new born in the home equals no sleep. Honestly, don’t think I have ever seen you rude to anyone on here.


Just always hide your wallet

Love that you have a new little one, man.

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Future generation to curse to be a lions fan!!!:laughing:. Maybe they are winning and DC is in his 15th season by then

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I’m on the Bo Nix train. He has all the tools. Big arm, mobile, taller. Former 5 star recruit. I’d rather bank on him figuring it out in rd 3 than any of the 1st rd QBs. Draft D in the 1st rd.

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I like Hooker a little bit. But isn’t he 25 right now?

Hooker gives me EJ Manuel vibes. I just don’t see him being able to run a real offense.

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QBs like Hooker have a place on an NFL roster imo. Will he ever be a starter? Idk…but guys who can make plays with their legs are ideal backup QBs. The types that can win you games in a stretch if your starter goes down.

I’m not taking him in the 1st. Especially due to his age. But if he’s around at the end of round 2 or round 3, and we haven’t taken a QB yet, I might strongly consider taking him.