Name your top two DEFENSIVE workhorses

  1. Tavai
  2. Walker

What do you mean by workhorses? Center pieces to build around going forward?

The players who give it their all.

…and yes, definately players to build around too!

Players who give their all? That’s different than workhorses.
For instance…
Davis give it his all.

Workhorses on this defense are Kennard and Wilson.
Truth is, as sore as I am about this whole team, I don’t think I could name anyone on either side of the ball that isn’t giving it their all.


Not really sure I can, if I’m being honest.

Aside from Slay, Hand is our best defensive player IMO

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coleman, in terms of sowing up and fully reaching his potential.
Harrison, was our most important guy, last year. He’s been playing injured.
I feel like people are down on Flowers, because of his contract, but he’s a good player that is getting better (finally healthy).
Slay, when healthy.
Kenard, when used properly.
We’ve got some ballers, on D. They just need to be healthy.

In making this list, I noticed a lot of asterisk. Gotta one the asterisk

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Last season it was Snacks and Slay.

This season… I can’t pick until the season is over.

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How about 1 1/2, Coleman & Kenn…

Coleman has really been a nice surprise. You really couldn’t ask much more from a #2 Corner.
Tovai is a beast. Let’s not forget he’s a rookie, and he holds his own, has made some nice plays, and you don’t see a lot of penalties from him. When the announcers mention him, it’s a positive.

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Scottie Vines
Bracy Walker

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Nobody . They all are bad .

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Coleman has done his job and I haven’t heard a peep from him. Tavai seems to be busting his tail, I just don’t think he’s a 2nd round talent.

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I just checked his stats against Devin White (1st LB taken in the 1st round). He’s not quite there, admittedly. 2 combined behind, but, pretty comparable numbers.
Still, he is playing like a 1st round pick.

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Kind of a nonsensical ask on the across-the-board worst defense in the NFL.

We weren’t this terrible until the Vikings. The Vikings exposed some serious issues with crossing routes and we still haven’t figured out. I think part of it is coaching and part of is on field communication. Have to figure that out.

Because we stepped up against the run game in 3 of the last 4 half’s of football and we still couldn’t get off the field on third down.

He’s a problem in the screen game. If we are creative with Bo and Hock in the screen game we can supplement our iffy run game.