National Championship Game - Georgia vs TCU

Thread to talk about the game.

TCU’s gonna get blasted.

UM/Georgia would’ve been fun to watch.


Not watching. Too much pain.

And no, it totally isn’t on in the background.

I have to root for the home team - Georgia. I even wore red and black to work today. Go Dawgs.

I have mentioned that we should look at Stetson Bennett in the 6th and was told he’s too old. I always thought that was a funny criticism.

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Oh man this game is gonna be over before it starts…

Nice stand by tcu defense… I’m pulling for them!

The real national championship was played at 8 PM on December 31st

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That’s true.

My daughter got accepted at Georgia. I’m financially tied at this point.

No Ringo for the Lions please. Thanks in advance.

I hope I stand corrected

When a guy is his body type playing CB you want to see that Patrick Peterson type smoothness. Granted I haven’t watched Ringo a ton, but other than in a straight line doesn’t seem to move like a Patrick P

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In a straight line Ringo is up there with the best corners in the NFL.

Everywhere else he is a below average college corner.


Starting to think ppl are/will underestimate Bennet when he eventually goes to the NFL. He just lowkey has the “it” factor and knows how to play QB…would not be surprised if he end’s up starting for an NFL team at some point, and actually does a good job


Just turned it on, has Carter done anything?

Nothing so far, he definitely isn’t Suh if that’s what people are hoping for

Oof, tcu losing starting RT is no mi gusto

I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see Carter fall to our pick.

Man Bennett looks smooth!!

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