National reaction to Lions win; Giants loss


That’s it?? That’s what passes for an article these days?

He’s got 2 articles that are wrong about the last time we had back to back road wins as well…

This win represents the first three-game winning streak – and consecutive victories on the road – since 2017

for their first three-game winning streak since 2017. It’s the first time they’ve won back-to-back games away from home for the first time since that season, too.

There are a bunch on links to articles below the main article.

Oh. So it’s click bait. Y’know, I keep clicking on these expecting to read something that’s actually informative but often the ‘article’ is only a paragraph that doesn’t give any information at all. Mostly these ‘articles’ just show how poorly the author can spell and/or punctuate. You’d think that they at least had a high school education in English, let alone went to a literary college. But perhaps I’m too harsh. Might not be how the author makes a living and is only a once-in-a-while hobby.

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