🏀 **NCAA Basketball - 2019/20**

First off, would like to leave this thread here instead of in the abyss we love to call, the OTT. If that’s okay with the fine mods that run this exquisite site. Now, completed the ass kissing phase of the thread and moving on to the REAL season of sport. My number one, has and always will be, college basketball. Its ran damn near perfect and has the best tournament alive.

Today starts the season with two supreme tip-offs: Mich St/Kentucky and Duke/Kansas. The top four pre-season teams. Plus the start of the Juwan Howard era at Michigan with App. St. There is a slew of other contests and have a game damn near every night of the week from here on out.

The season comes at the right time too, in state of the Leo’s arm flailing freefall. Finally can get excited about something again. People are already crowning MSU with the BIG10 title and rightly so. They return damn near everyone and add Lankford who didn’t play a moment last year. Hate MSU, sorry Wes, but they’re the team to beat.

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Ahh. College Basketball season, or as I refer to is as “bourbon season”. I change like the weather and switch over from craft beers to bourbon for college hoops. Not completely, but it’s a tradition.

I’m super excited. I love Big Ten basketball. I am very interested to see the Michigan squad and how much different they look philosophically. I have lower expectations due to attrition, but I think they can still be a tourney team if things go well. I have a feeling they will be more of a rim protecting, rebounding team. Something completely opposite of the Beilein era.

Sparty is the cream of the crop and will only have to battle maybe Maryland for the conference. Iowa, Purdue look solid as well.

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Go blue!


I thought college basketball didn’t start until late February?

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While watching the StMarys/Wisc game, a new rule was brought to light and I like it. A player is called for flopping, it’s a warning. Another flop or delay of game from players of same team is a technical, one FT. This is for the rest of the game. Reason #34 why college is better than pro.

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Opening night was about as suspected. Rusty, sloppy games that provided good finishes, if that makes sense.

Michigan was up by 30 close to half through the second. Then pissed it down to 5 unti! limping to a win over App. St. Kansas loses a 2 pt nail biter, despite turning it over damn near 30 times. Duke limped to this win. Now, Kentucky looked sharp while #1 MSU slept walked through the first half. The only good game viewed in my man cave was St.Marys/Wisc. #20 St Mary’s had to play catch up much of the game, while Wisconsin damn near pulled off the upset in OT, on the road.

You got that right. If they called flopping or arguing with a ref in the NBA, like they do in college, soft diva bitches like Lebron wouldn’t even have a career.

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One correction. The Wisconsin - St. Mary’s game was in South Dakota I believe so it wasn’t a true road game for Wisconsin.

Nice to see that there are some college basketball fanatics here. In some ways (a lot actually), I prefer college over pro sports. There’s nothing like the NCAA tournament. The first 4 days in particular are heaven for me. I take off of work for the first 2 days, crack open some brews and let the madness commence.

College hoops is leaps and bounds more fun than the NBA/WWE fake league.

I don’t feel the same about football though. While I despise Roger Goodell, some of the rules and the NFL officiating, it’s still a much better product. Out of the 13-16 NFL games each week, you get mostly competitive games that cannot be predicted beforehand.

However, in college football, 95% of the games are determined the moment the schedule is made out. 70 point wins are normal. If you’re a fan of one of the top 15 programs in the country, they only play 3 or 4 good games per year. 2 bye weeks. Ugh. Don’t get me wrong, when its a rivalry game, it kills any NFL regular season game, but week to week, the NFL has a better product.

Seasons only a week old and the second #1 has gone down with Kentucky losing to Evansville. Having Mich St going down first. But can redeem themselves Thursday with a win over #12 Seton Hall.

Good games tonight with the aforementioned UK. Michigan fought for a win against Creighton. Currently enjoying Minny/Butler. A back and forth affair.

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Eh, I’ve got no issue with it staying here. It’s not like it’s a high-traffic post, and we could use a distraction.

We’ll see if any of the other mods disagree. If anything, it just makes me jealous considering a hockey thread wouldn’t work here yet this does LOL. :man_shrugging:

Rankings mean nothing until late February.

Izzo’s MO is to schedule tough non-conference opponents early to get his team motivated when they lose, but alas they will be fine I am sure. Interested to see how Michigan does after Beilein but will just what for Big Ten games to get any indication.

Fully understand that rankings at this stage is a joke. That was kind of the point of that particular post. But love the early scheduling of the mini tourneys and the challenges (Big10/ ACC, Big East//Big Ten, etc.).

Some damn fine games from Nassau tomorrow. For those that want to watch competitive games, tune in. Much more fun than watching shitty football.

Mich - #6 UNC
#8 Gonzaga - Setan Hall / #11 Oregon winner
#5 Maryland - Temple
#14 Ariz - Pepperdine
#16 Memphis - NC St

Real sports, for real fans.

Anyone else watch Michigan win the Battle of Atlantis? Beating three ranked teams, two in the top ten, in three days. Howard is the right choice after the Legend of Beilein.

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Moving this at OP’s request.

Watched every minute of every game. Watched them beat UNC and turned off the Lions yesterday. Smart choice, lol. Howard has these guys playing together early. So fun to watch so far.